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  • Check-In, Monday, March 27th

    Check-In, Monday, March 27th

    Good morning County,

    Well, this has been another interesting week in the world of education. As you all probably have heard, the Council to Improve Classroom Conditions announced fairly publicly last week that they had come up with 18 recommendations after their first round of meetings. The Council met for 3 days in total (one day they went 12 hours) and it seems that some progress was made. Now, of course, the proof will be in the pudding, as they say. Recommendations do not an action make, and there was nothing in the list that cost money. However, a brief nod to the NSTU members who sit on that committee for bringing so many of our concerns forward.

    Although I believe the committee could be a positive step, I must admit that my optimism remains somewhat tempered by Bill 75. Although I am pleased to see a device through which concerns can be addressed, the legislation enacted by the Liberals contained some exceptionally contentious language around our contract and, more importantly, around our ability to take job action. In her latest Brief Word, Liette Doucet stated “I do want to assure you that a lawsuit is coming; it’s being developed as we speak and I will provide you with more details as they become available.” Knowledge that a lawsuit is pending may provide some solace, particularly considering the recent news out of BC, but I would encourage every member in Halifax County to remain politically engaged. Continue to ask the tough questions of those who represent you in the political arena, and those who wish to do so.

    County-Wise, we are very excited that three excellent candidates have put their names forward to sit on your provincial executive. Considering the year that just passed, it is of extra note that these three have chosen to run. Please take a moment to check out the write ups for Ron Nugent, Paul Wozney and Duncan Cameron that are on our main page.

    Thanks again to all of you for making County awesome. If you have any concerns, reach out. I am excited to be heading out to Hammonds Plains Consolidated this week for a visit, and welcome all invitations!

    Have a great week.

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