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  • Check-In, Tuesday, April 18th.

    Check-In, Tuesday, April 18th.

    Good Morning County!

    Very important day for a few reasons today. First off, today marks the 2nd Tuesday in our #Tuesdaymouring campaign. Remember to wear culturally appropriate colours of mourning to show your anger over the passing of Bill 75.

    It should be noted that the Bill is actually now called Teachers Professional Agreement and Classroom Improvements ActThis piece of legislation has a number of nasty little articles in it that have a pretty serious impact on our collective bargaining rights. Of particular note are sections 13, 14 and 16. Seeing as how an election is fairly certain to be called soon, it is more important than ever for teachers to remain politically engaged. The NSTU has provided this Political Engagement brochure for you on how to get yourself involved, and on how to hold your elected officials accountable. If you have ever felt like you should get involved in the political process, now is the time. There are many ways you can do so, from offering time to donating money and several levels in between. Let’s make sure that, come election day, those who stood up in the House of Assembly to support this legislation are held to task for doing so!

    As well, I hope that some of you had a chance to see the new NSTU ad which started running yesterday on several stations. (It was on during the Leaf’s game). I will provide a link for you as soon as I have one so you can share on social media, if possible.

    Speaking of elections, today also marks election day here in County for our new Provincial Executive member. Paul Wozney, Ron Nugent and Duncan Cameron spoke at our rep meeting last Wednesday, and in my humble opinion, any of the three would make an excellent choice. Please take a moment today if you have not already done so to check out their information, and vote by following this link. (You will need your voter card to do so).

    Finally, staffing is just around the corner. Your three local Presidents are gearing up for the rounds, as well as attending management teacher this week. We have lots to discuss with HRSB, and hope to have some very frank discussions around “the new normal”.

    That’s it for this week, folks. Don’t forget to cast your vote for Provincial Executive and have an awesome week. And, as always, reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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