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  • Check-In, Monday, May 8th.

    Check-In, Monday, May 8th.


    Well that wraps up another year of Annual Council.

    For those who may not know, Annual Council is just that: an annual council. It is a meeting that draws together delegates from all over Nova Scotia and outs them under one roof to debate and discuss resolutions. A resolution is, at its simplest, an idea for a change. These can be changes in how the NSTU does its business, suggestions for classroom improvements, ideas on how to spend money… Essentially, any idea that a member has can be considered as a resolution.

    Now, not all ideas get as far as council. Along the way, they are reviewed by any number of committees to see if they can actually be considered by the council. However, this year, a total of 58 ideas, gathered from across the province, made it to the Council floor. Of the 14 resolutions that were brought forward by County members, only 3 were outright defeated, with the other 11 being either referred to a committee of the NSTU or passed by the council. A full report on the resolutions will be presented by our Economic Welfare Chair, Paul Boudreau, at our next meeting.

    One other exceptionally significant event that happened was that this weekend, the NSTU voted to join the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour. If this does come to pass, this will see the NSTU align itself with a fairly significant ally in the fight to achieve fair collective bargaining. If you want to see the significance of this move, click on this link to see how many other Unions are part of this organization and to learn more about the Federation.

    I would like to take a moment of personal privilege to thank all the members who volunteered to give up their weekend to attend and represent Halifax County. As well, I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to your local executive who dedicated hours and hours of personal time to ensure that the event went off without a hitch. Thank you all for everything you do, and for your tremendous support.

    One of the key messages that came out of the weekend was the tremendous need for teachers to remain engaged in the political process. Keep the pressure on those who would seek to represent you in the legislature, and ask them about their take on Bill 75.

    Now, onto other matters. Last week, the HRSB made us aware that they would be extending the school day for P-2 classes for the 2017-2018 school year. As well, it has come to our attention that several scheduling changes are being considered and, in some cases, implemented, across all levels right across the HRSB. We are trying to get as much information on these changes and the rationale for them, but are under the impression that several have to do with the newly imposed contract. We are still looking into the matter, but if you have any specific concerns, contact me directly.

    There are several sessions coming up of interest, including an information session on the regional asking package. As well, if you are interested in getting more involved, there are a number of positions opening up at both the local and regional levels. Check out the short snappers for more information.

    That’s all for this week, folks. Stay engaged and remain active, and as always, reach out if you have any questions.


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