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  • Check-In, Monday, May 15th

    Check-In, Monday, May 15th

    Well, election fever still dominates the day.

    Last week, the NSTU’s decision to join the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour raised quite a few eyebrows. Certainly joining the Federation, with their traditional alignment with the New Democratic Party, was seen by some as a definite move to political partisanship. However, when speaking on the subject, President Liette Doucet denied that the NSTU was moving from its non-partisan stance. She continued to encourage members to speak with their local candidates in the upcoming election, and to vote for the candidate who they felt most represented support for education.

    She did indicate, however, that she felt the current Liberals do not support education.

    So, with just over two weeks to election time, the plot, as they say, continues to thicken.

    In order to help members decide come election time, we are trying to organize an all parties, meet-the-candidate night for sometime during the week of May 23rd to May 26th.  This will be a tri-local event and will see teachers invited out to meet the candidates from a variety of ridings. Right now we are working on securing a location and a commitment from the various parties, but we will advise as those solidify. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get the most up to date details.

    In other news, HRSB and the NSTU exchanged asking packages last week for our Regional Agreement. If you want to find out more about what was in the package, you can attend one of two sessions this evening. The first is at 4:30pm at the Tom Parker Building on Joe Howe, and the 2nd is at 7:30 at Prince Andrew High School. Members can attend either session.

    Speaking of HRSB, please remember that the first round of postings closes today at 4:00pm. We are monitoring the jobs fairly closely, but if you have any concerns, reach out to me directly. As well, there are a number of positions opening up at the NSTU central office. I would encourage all members to have a look, and if you have any questions, again, contact me directly.

    That’s it for this week, County. Keep the pressure on those who wish to represent you as MLA’s and remember that we are over ten thousand strong. We can exert a tremendous amount of influence in the upcoming election.

    Very few of us will ever forget the events of the past year and a half. Let’s make sure that our elected officials remember them just as clearly.


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