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  • Check-In, Monday, May 23rd

    Check-In, Monday, May 23rd

    Good morning County! Hope your long week-end was fabulous!

    If yours was anything like mine, it was a relaxing few days, featuring a few good laughs and at least a few good stories. And, it probably included at least one good conversation about the upcoming election.

    If one looks at the numbers, it seems like this race may still be a bit too close to call. Certainly the Liberals do appear to have the upper hand, but are trending downwards in the polls. The Conservatives and the NDP are making some advances, but it is difficult to say if those will be enough reduce the Liberal to a minority position. However, by many accounts, this election could see one of the highest voter turn outs in recent memory. In fact, according to the CBC, more than 20,000 voters have already cast their ballots. When one takes this trend into account, then adds the undecided voter and considers the number of grass-roots strategic voting movements that have emerged in this campaign, it seems this race will be decided on the home stretch.

    Although I don’t suppose it is necessary to remind anyone at this point about how important teacher voice will be in this election, I would make one last pitch to every teacher in County to remain vocal about the issues that matter to us. We need to continue to keep the pressure on those who would represent us, right from our own doorsteps to the steps of Province House. If you meet a candidate, ask the tough questions about Bill 75. Ask what they will do to re-establish collective bargaining. Ask what assurance they can give you that teachers will never again need to march in the streets by the thousands to have our voices heard and our concerns addressed.

    Ask. Vote. And then hold them to their word.

    Two years from now, if not sooner, we will be back at the table. When that happens, let’s make sure that whoever we are facing understands that regardless of the difficulty, or the controversy, or even in the face of legislation, the teachers of this province are willing to fight to the bitter end for our colleagues, our kids and our classrooms.

    As a way of helping members understand where the candidates stand on a variety of issue, your communications committee has reached out to all the political parties in order to get them to respond to a series of questions and to attend a “Meet the Candidate Event” which is scheduled for 6:00pm tomorrow night at the Legion in Lower Sackville. We are encountering some difficulty in getting a commitment from candidates, but are continuing to pursue the parties. I will be sending out a notice today via social media and via the e-mail system to either confirm or cancel the event. We hope to be able to make that decision by 6:00pm tonight, but as of right now, the meet and greet is still going ahead.

    Now, on to other things. The first round of postings is in the books, and it seems to have gone fairly well for most members. If you have any concerns about how the process unfolded, please do not hesitate to contact me. The next round is scheduled is to open at Thursday at 4:00pm.

    On a social note, preparations are well underway for this year’s retirement dinner and dance. If you want more information, contact Preman Edwards via hfxcowellness@nstu.ca.

    As well, if you are looking to get involved in your local, there are a number of executive positions up for election this year. Follow this link for more information.

    Finally, the Metro Teachers GSA will be meeting at the Tom Parker building on June 6th from 5 to 7pm. Come out and re-connect! Refreshments will be served. MTGSA Spring 2017 Poster

    That’s it for this week, County. Have a good one, and keep the pressure on those candidates!

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