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  • Check-In, Monday, May 29th

    Check-In, Monday, May 29th

    Good morning County!

    So, here we are in the home stretch. The next time I write to you, we will be in June, and, for better or worse, the election of 2017 will be behind us.

    Even in these last few hours of the race, the final outcome remains way too close to call. It seems that every few hours, another poll is released that has one party or another in the lead. By most accounts, it seems the Tories and the Liberals will be battling for first place, with the NDP falling somewhere in third. However, with record numbers of people voting in the advance polls, and with voter turnout expected to be higher than usual, the election remains anyone’s ball game.

    Last week during the leader’s debate, education and labour relations remained a key focus for all the leaders, and regardless of your political stripe, I would say that remains good news for teachers. As I mentioned last week, we will be back at the negotiating table in two years time, and whether we are facing a different manifestation of the Liberal party or another government altogether, there will be no doubt as to our resolve. We have maintained pressure on all the parties throughout this entire election campaign, and that pressure has had a significant impact.

    Last Wednesday, at our “Meet the Candidate” event, every single candidate I spoke to demonstrated at least a basic understanding of the issues facing teachers. From attendance policies to inclusion to fair collective bargaining, every party represented at the event seemed to be willing to talk to our concerns. It is of some note that even that late in the election race, over a dozen candidates gave up some of their valuable campaigning time to come out and speak with teachers.

    We have, it appears, become a bit of a force to be reckoned with. And I, for one, will be glued to me TV set tomorrow evening to see where the dust finally settles.

    In more locally related news, the first round of postings went fairly smoothly, and there were only a handful of issues to be addressed. For those of you who contacted me, I did try to get you answers in a timely fashion, and hope I was able to do so. There was some delay from time to time in getting answers back from HRSB, but that seemed to be more to do with their being busy than anything else. If you have any questions as this round wraps up, do not hesitate to reach out. As well, just a final note to ensure that your resume is as up to date as possible before you apply to any position.

    This Friday marks our annual retirement dinner and dance, and as I understand the event has completely sold out. Thanks to Preman Edwards and his committee for all their hard work.

    Speaking of retirement, if you have not signed up already, there may still be a chance for you to attend our HRRC’s pre-retirement session this evening at the Tom Parker building. Lots of great information for anyone, regardless of how close you are to the big day.

    Finally, today is the deadline to put your name forward if you wish to serve in a local executive position. There are a number of ways for you to get involved, and I would encourage all members to consider running. Click here for more details.

    That’s all for today, County. Have a great week and we will chat next Monday!


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