Check-In, September 25th, 2017

Good morning County! Happy Monday.

As you may have heard by now, the DoEECD, with the help of the Council to Improve Classroom Conditions, last week released its long awaited attendance policy.

At first blush, the policy does seem to be a legitimate attempt to provide educators with a framework within which they can work to support increased student attendance. There are, however, still many questions to be answered about how the policy will be implemented, and to what extent the new policy increases workload. The Operational Plan contains the most detailed summary of the new policy, and I would encourage all members to become familiar with the document, and would ask that you forward your thoughts and concerns on to me.

Beyond the attendance policy, it has been brought to my attention by multiple sites that there are still issues with bussing and lunch time supervision. I have been in contact with the HRSB and they have assured me they are working on the problem. If the bussing schedule is requiring any NSTU member to have to stay on duty past the 20 minute window, please contact me. As well, I do understand that some schools are struggling with class cap issues and overcrowding. I would remind you that the employer has until September 30th to fully institute class caps, so you may need to hang on a few more days. If, however, your school is struggling, get your administrator to contact me directly so I can determine what steps have already been taken to alleviate the problem.

On a positive note, the Social Wellness Committee has issued Tim Horton’s cards to schools for Teacher engagement day on October 5th. If your school rep did not pick up the card, I will mail them directly to the school. The Committee has also arranged for a bit of a “time out” for teachers by arranging a free night at Yuk Yuks for members and a guest. There are only 150 seats or so, so sign up early. As well, please note that if you sign up, you ARE EXPECTED TO BE IN ATTENDANCE. If you have to cancel, please provide the committee with plenty of notice.

That’s it for this week folks. As always, reach out with any concerns you may have.


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