Check-In, October 16th, 2017

Good Morning, County. Happy Monday!

Last week was relatively quiet, with a few key exceptions. To start with, we did have a general meeting on Wednesday, October 11th, and elected a brand new Social and Wellness chair to take the place of Preman Edwards who has moved on to a staff officer position with the NSTU. Thanks to both Jason Jennings and Mona MacNeil for putting their names forward, and a big congratulations to Mona who will be joining the executive team!

As per my Check-In last week, the pension was a point of particular interest at our meeting. I would again encourage you to get as informed as you can about our pension and how it works. There is a session coming up on the pension program being offered by Economic Welfare on November 16th which is open to all members and explains much about how the pension works. As well, if you can access information about your own plan online by going to  This site allows you to punch in your own numbers and get estimates on your own personal circumstances. Finally, if you are interested, I can come in over a lunch hour or to a staff meeting and give your staff the basic details on our plan. Just let me know a date and I will try to accommodate as best as I can.

I am also still getting lots of questions around the October Conference day. As always, teachers are encouraged to attend conferences, and to support their professional associations. Please note, however, that the Afrocentric conference offered by HRSB at Cole Harbour on October 27th is NOT an authorized NSTU conference. This is a HRSB conference, and fees for this conference will not be refunded through regional article 60 committee.

There was also some concern expressed by members around the new staff attendance policy. It is our understanding that this will not be implemented for NSTU members until autumn, 2018, and that we will have some consultations with HRSB prior to implementation. I would like to point out, however, that HRSB does have the right to address attendance concerns, using its normal processes, for all its employees. If you have any specific questions, give me a call.

As a final note, on the social scene, the Yuk Yuk’s comedy event sold out very quickly, and we have a wait list. If you cannot attend, please contact the social committee so that we can fill your spot.

That’s it for today, County. Have a great week.

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