Check-in, November 27th, 2017

Good morning County! Happy Monday!

Wow! Can you believe this is the last Check-in for November. Amazing that there are only 19 days until the Holiday break.

I’d like to start off this week with a word on teaching standards. The NSTU is trying to get information from teachers on the upcoming release of the new Teaching Standards for Nova Scotia. These standards are being developed by the DoEECD in consultation with the NSTU and will soon become “the law of the land” as it were. These standards could then potentially be used in everything from official job descriptions to teacher evaluation tools to becoming embedded in professional growth plans.

The NSTU has opened a survey on its site, (which did have some glitches last week) and also has some background information on it about the standards. At this point, the NSTU only wants information of the 1st two standards. They have done this so that it is not quite as onerous for teachers to fill out their survey. The rest of the standards will be opened for feedback in 2018, but for now, if you can find a moment, please have a look at the survey and join the conversation.

Speaking of joining the conversation, there is another very important date coming up for all NSTU members. On Wednesday, December 6th, the NSTU will be hosting a very special session at the Dr. Tom Parker building on Joe Howe drive. This is an evening dedicated to hearing from teachers on the new Commission on Inclusive Education. As we all know, the current model of inclusion has presented some challenges over the years and the commission is looking for input from teachers as they develop a new model. These sessions are being held across the Province, and are being offered to every Regional Representative Council. If you feel you would like to attend, please fill out this Google Form, so we can get a sense of how many teachers will be attending.

And still speaking of joining the conversations, just a quick thank you to the members of the Economic Welfare Committee who gave up some time last week to put some finishing touches on Halifax County’s submissions to annual council. This year we have quite a number of resolutions being sent on to the NSTU for consideration, and we will let you know how many get approved for inclusion in this year’s debate.

And finally speaking of joining the conversation, please don’t forget that the Metro Teachers’ GSA is meeting this Tuesday, (tomorrow) at the Tom Parker building on Joe Howe. Please RSVP to if you are planning to attend. This is an amazing group of individuals doing some amazing things to support equity and inclusion in our education system!

That’s it for this week County! Have a great end of your November!


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