Check-In, January 22nd

Good Morning, County!

I want to start off today talking about the service award again, and just remind you that we are looking at organizing some sessions for teachers with the Teachers Plus Credit union so that folks can find out about some of the general implications of the award. As you can well imagine, there are as many circumstances as there are members, so when it comes to advice on whether you should take the award or leave it, there is no clear-cut answer.

When it comes to individual amounts or eligibility, again, that is not information that we have any access to. I would simply suggest that folks wait to see what their calculations look like, and then if there are issues, they can be dealt with at that time.

In other big news, this Tuesday, Dr. Avis Glaze is set to release the result of her report on how to “retool” our education system. I have no doubt that this report will contain some fairly significant recommendations, but can only speculate at this point what those will be. I will be watching for the report to be released, and have no doubt that I will have some comment on it for Wednesday’s rep meeting.

Don’t forget that the Metro Teachers’ GSA will be having its winter 2018 meeting on Tuesday, February 6, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the NSTU building. The guest speaker will be Aine Morse, Dartmouth Local member. She will be discussing her experiences as a trans teacher. Meeting is open to all Dartmouth Local, Halifax City, and Halifax County NSTU members. If interested in attending, please RSVP Daniel Blinn:

As well, for all of you impacted by the EPEC realignment, there will be an information session at EPEC tomorrow evening at 3:15pm open to all NSTU members impacted by the upcoming changes.

Finally, I am still hearing of schools struggling with busing. I have set up a short Google survey just to get a sense of how widespread this issue is. If you get a second and your school still has busing issues, please provide me with some info if your school has not already done so by clicking here.

That’s it for today, County. Keep an eye on your email for updates over the next few days.


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