Check-in, March 19th, 2018

Hello County, and welcome back.

We return to our classrooms today under a cloud, of sorts. The full impact of Bill 72 still remains to be determined, and as we move through the next few weeks, there are bound to be numerous questions around the impact this legislation will have on members. I have no new information, but will be passing on what I do find out as quickly as I can.

As we move forward, however, a word of caution. There will undoubtedly be some passionate opinions expressed around this issue as details unfold. Some will feel a tremendous amount of stress around the impending changes, and nerves will undoubtedly be fairly raw. I would ask that, as we face the next few weeks, we all pay a bit more attention to each other, and be mindful of how these changes may be impacting both individuals and relationships.

A few key elections will be coming up over the next few weeks as well. Today marks the final day to express interest in serving as the Halifax County Provincial Executive member. If you are interested, you have until the end of today to get your expression of interest form submitted. Please click here for details.

As well, today marks the opening of campaigning for the position of Provincial President. There are five candidates vying for the post, and over the next few weeks, we will be providing information to you from all five so that you can be as informed as possible on their various stands on the issues.

That’s it for today, all. We will continue to monitor the Bill 72 situation as closely as we can, and will advise when we know anything.

Have a great week, and reach out with any questions concerns.


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