Check-In, Tuesday, May 22nd

Good morning County, Happy Tuesday.

I hope that many of you had a chance to unplug this long weekend, and are now ready for the final push to the finish line.

As you are probably aware, the vote for the NSTU presidential race is tomorrow, May 23rd. I have fielded a number of questions around administrators, and yes, they may still vote on Wednesday. Your school should have received your voter cards last week, and if you have not, (or if you do not believe you have enough) please contact

With this many candidates, it is very likely that there will be a run off vote. If that is the case, a second ballot will take place next week. Please monitor your NSTU e-mail closely for details!

I do want to take a moment to “plug” a few upcoming events, if I can. Next Tuesday, there is a special screening for the movie “Backpack full of cash“, a film about the privatization of public education, being held at the Woodlawn public library. This is the first time this film has been screened in Atlantic Canada, and is legitimately one of the most important educational films to be released in recent memory. Narrated by Matt Damon, the film looks at the trends of privatization in the US, many of which have been promoted by the US Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos. The film serves as a cautionary tale for what could very well be the future for public education here in Nova Scotia. Seating is limited, and if you wish to attend, please fill out this form, or email

As well, the deadline to nominate a colleague for this year’s Halifax County Inspire Award is fast approaching. These awards are an opportunity for you to acknowledge a Halifax County member who has gone above and beyond. Nominating someone is simple, and member’s names can be put forth for showing exemplary Educational Leadership, Mentorship, Community Involvement, Passion for (or excellence in), Teaching. Nominations close on May 28th, and those selected (and their guests) will be invited to attended a ceremony on the evening of June 21st. To find out more, simply email me at with the subject line “Inspire”.

Finally, staffing season is in full swing with the 1st round closing yesterday. Teachers should be receiving phone calls over the next few days. Please note that if you are a permanent or probationary teacher, you may apply in both round 1 and round 2 as per article 10.01 (iv) which reads: A successful applicant in one (1) round of postings shall have the opportunity to apply for positions which become available in subsequent rounds. If you have any concerns, please give e-mail me or give me a call at (902) 499-0933.

That is it for today, County. Have a great week and please remember to cast your vote on Wednesday!

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