Check-In, Monday, September 17th

Good morning County. Welcome to week three!

Last week saw your local executive meet on Wednesday and discuss a number of issue and concerns. We solidified a number of motions which had their inception at our executive summer planning, and we will be presenting them in finalized form at the local meeting on SEPTEMBER 26th. (Please note this change of date.)

As well, last week was particularly busy with meetings and discussions around upcoming changes to the working conditions of teachers. Of particular note is the new implementation of tier two support. This development has seen an increasing number of teachers reduced to the minimum prep time of 30 minutes, on average, per day across the cycle of the school.

Although we recognize that HRCE promotes increased teacher contact time as a way to improve student outcomes, marking and preparation time is also a key component to ensuring student success. We are very concerned about the impact such scheduling will have on the overall wellness of our members, particularly during the current substitute shortage. We will continue to monitor the situation, and will be asking for your input on how the changes are impacting you at the school level. We will also be asking for information on models out there that are working well in striking a balance between student support and teacher workload.

Speaking of teacher workload and substitute teachers, permits to teach were also on the docket last week. A number of Education Centers around the province have requested that the NSTU enter into new tripartite agreements on this matter to allow non-NSTU members to be hired as substitutes. The three local Presidents met with the HRRC representatives on the Provincial Executive to share our thoughts on this matter on Monday, September 10th. The Provincial Executive met on Friday and Saturday this past week, and should be providing an update on the issuing of these permits shortly.

Finally, in an effort to optimize our ability to improve working conditions for teachers, the local Presidents met with representatives from the Council to Improve Classroom conditions on Thursday to discuss a number of concerns that have been raised by the members. This was a tremendously productive meeting, and we are looking forward to continuing to build a positive and productive relationship with this team.

That’s all for this week, County. Please have a safe and productive week, and, as always, reach out with any questions or concerns.







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