Check-In, September 24th, 2018

Good Morning, County! Happy Monday.

Rather a short Monday Check-In this week, as there is a whole number of issues that are set to be dealt with/ discussed this week.

Today, the Halifax Regional Representative Council (HHRC) will be meeting with the HRCE to discuss a number of issue in our regularly scheduled Management/ Teacher meeting. Topics this time around include Permits to Teach, Power Outages and Water Shortages, Tier 2 Supports and the new Teaching Standards. I will have updates ready for presentation on these topics for Wednesday’s general meeting.

On Friday, I had a chance to attend the Local President’s conference which brought together all the local presidents from across the province to discuss pressing issues. There are a number of changes to our operational procedures and our local constitution that will need to be made during the upcoming year which I am sure will result in some fairly lively debate! As well, we spent a fair deal of time on the relationship between the new administrators association and the NSTU. I don’t wish to take up too much of your time on that this morning, but will be sharing information with the reps as this unfolds.

It has come to my attention that duty is already beginning to become an issue in some schools. I want to be clear in that teachers CAN NOT be required to supervise students outside of the 20/20 or over the lunch hour. If member find themselves in a situation where they are being told to do duty outside of the 20/20, please let me know. It would be our position that members are welcome to volunteer for this duty, of course, but that these duties should be viewed as any other volunteer activity. If members are exchanging these morning duties for getting fewer duties during the instructional day, that can also cause some problems. If you have any questions, as always, simply let me know.

Finally, our two provincial executive candidates have officially launched their campaigns. Congratulations to Andrew Fournier and Paul Boudreau for putting their names forward. Look for information on these two excellent candidates over the next few days, and they will both be speaking at Wednesday’s meeting.

That’s it for today County! Have a great week!



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