Check-In, Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

Good Morning County!

Happy tryptophan Tuesday! I hope this past weekend saw you surrounded by family and friends, and that today sees you well rested and recharged.

First of all, thanks to all the schools who took part in our “tweet-a-thon” on Friday of last week to commemorate World Teacher’s Day! The hashtag hfxcoheartbeat was a huge hit, and it was great to read all those positive messages coming from all our great schools. Check out this weeks short snappers to see who won!

On a slightly more challenging note, we are still attempting to work through what for some of you is the new student support model which has seen you reduced to your minimum marking and preparation time this year. As mentioned last week, this had originally been rolled out under the heading of “tier 2” support, but it quickly became apparent that what was happening in schools was not in line with the definition of “tier 2” from the inclusion report. It is now our understanding that this support is neither “tier 2” nor is it “tier 1”, but rather an attempt by HRCE to fulfill a directive that all excess marking and preparation time for teachers be fully scheduled in order to support students.

We are still unpacking this new initiative, and, naturally, we have some very grave concerns. Although it is true that other areas of the Province have been operating under this type of system for awhile, we would argue that the 30 minutes of prep time per day has always been considered as a “minimum benefit”. Taking into account the current sub shortages and other daily pressures, we would argue that this is exactly the wrong time to be removing excess prep time and, thus, increasing teacher workload. We are continuing to work on this situation, and will update as we know more.

On a much more positive note, we do have a number of events coming up over the next few weeks that will hopefully allow you to unwind with some of your fellow staff members. On November 1st we will be hosting a trivia night at the Sackville Lions club for all you trivia buffs, and for those of you who may be more rhythmically inclined, there will be a dance held on Saturday, November 24th at the Hammond’s Plains Firehall. Keep watching the website and the short snappers for more information.

Finally, this marks the last full week of campaigning for our vacant Provincial Executive Position. Thanks to Paul Boudreau and Drew Fournier for putting their names forward. Make sure you cast your vote on October 17th for this very important position.

That’s it for this week, all. Have a great one and congratulations to all our winners from #hfxcoheartbeat!

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