Check-In, Monday, November 5th

Hello County! Happy Monday!

I would like to start off today with a great big “Thanks” to all the reps who attended our annual training session at Oak Island this past weekend. We had some very engaged members give up their weekend to attend sessions on Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday morning, and many took the opportunity to network with reps from other sites. The sessions this year focused on everything from charter schools to a Q & A session with our Provincial Executive.

Saturday saw a very special, but familiar, guest as new NSTU President Paul Wozney dropped by to speak with our team. Certainly one of the most talked about sessions was put on by NSTU staff officer Wally Fiander who discussed workplace health and safety, and teachers and the law.

Of particular note in this presentation was a discussion around the impact of legalized cannabis on our profession. According to the session, cannabis can remain in your system for as much as 24 hours for casual users, and up to 30 days for regular users. This may have some fairly significant repercussions for our members should there be an incident where children are under their direct supervision.

There was also a great deal of conversation  around the ins and outs of a teacher injury-on-duty, particularly when teachers are offering services to the employer outside of the instructional day. Your local president will be following up with NSTU staff for further clarification on these issues, and will be sharing information as it becomes available.

In short is was an informative and engaging weekend. A special word of thanks to the Equity and Reps committee for all their hard work in putting on a very successful training event.

We received some very exciting news this week as well in that Halifax County Local Executive member, Tim MacLeod, has accepted a temporary position with the NSTU and a staff officer in Member Services. Tim starts immediately, and we wish him the best of luck!

With Tim’s departure, we now have another vacancy on our local executive, this time for a member at large, nominations. If you want to find out more about what the position entails, or wish to put your name forward, please check out our short-snappers page.

Finally, we have well over 500 members who have submitted a response to our Guarding Minds at Work Survey. We would ask that if you have not had a chance to do so, you take a moment to fill it in. This will provide us with some very valuable information about the current Psychological Wellness of all our NSTU members. (We would ask that you please only complete the survey one time.)

That’s it for this week, County! Please consider running for a local executive position, and enjoy the rest of your week.




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