Check-In, Monday, Febrrrrruary 11th

Good Morning County! Happy chilly Monday.

Mostly light news to cover today. To start with, I want to remind everyone that the nominations for the local service awards are now open. The local service award is meant to allow locals to recognize someone from their ranks who has “displayed a consistent and continuing involvement in local leadership, professional development or long term service to education or the teaching profession“.

Any NSTU member can put forth a name for consideration. If you have someone in mind, simply send me an e-mail and I will walk you through the process. Those who are chosen will be honoured at a luncheon at Annual Council.

Next, our two Provincial Executive members, Paul Boudreau and Shaun Doyle, will be hosting another “Ask Me Anything” Facebook event on Monday, February 25nd at 7:00 pm. This is a great chance for those of you who may not be able to attend our regular meetings to chat with your Provincial Executive and bring up any questions or concerns.

Speaking of Provincial Executive, you may not be aware the current member Paul Boudreau has been occupying the seat vacated by the election of Paul Wozney to the President’s chair. That means that the PE position is once again, up for election. Any member who wishes to put their name forward for consideration may do so by emailing our nominations chair, Jason Jennings, at

One item of business that is a bit heavier is the recent announcement of the NSTU’s successful grievance on running records. Essentially, teachers are now welcome to use them, if they wish, but can not be required to do so without being provided a substitute.

For clarification, if you are being required to use running records, a substitute teacher must be provided. Note that “substitute teacher” is the language used here, meaning it would be our expectation that a teacher would be hired to cover that time.

Finally, don’t forget about the inaugural HRCE wellness fair being held on February 19th at Spectacle Lake. This event will feature a number of service providers to from a variety of sectors and is designed to educate members about resources that are available for them to access. Check out the Short Snappers page for more details,

That’s it for today, County. Have a great week, and stay warm.

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