Check-In, Tuesday, March 5

Good Morning County! I hope that you had a chance to get caught up on some marking and preparation during yesterday’s storm day!

To start with, just a quick word that the regional bargaining team has reached a deal in principle with the HRCE on the regional contract. This contract covers such things as how contracts are awarded, teacher placement process, and various types of leave. We will be holding two information sessions on Wednesday, March 6th (tomorrow), one at the main NSTU building on Joseph Howe Drive at 4:30 pm and one at Auburn Drive High School at 7:00 pm. Teachers can feel free to attend either session (or both, should they choose) to hear the details of this contract. The ratification vote will be held on Wednesday, March 13th. All members are encouraged to attend.

Speaking of voting, we have three candidates who will be vying for the honour of representing Halifax County at the Provincial Executive table. This will be a two year position, and will begin on August 1st, 2019. Obviously, with provincial contract negotiations on the horizon, this position is one of tremendous importance. The campaign has officially opened, and I would like to thank Andrew Fournier, Terry Ryan and Paul Boudreau for putting their names forward. We will be publishing a brief “candidate bio” next week for each of these individuals, and they will be speaking at the next local meeting on March 13th, with an election date of March 28th. Good luck to all.

As well, we have a temporary position that has opened up at the local executive level for a member at large position for equity and reps. This position is to fill out the rest of a term, and would be a great way for individuals to “test the waters” of a local executive position. If you are interested, please contact

There is still time for members of the local to nominate a deserving Halifax County Local member for the local service award. This award is given out each year at Annual Council to members who have provided leadership and service at the local level to education, the teaching profession, or to the local itself. If you wish to put someone forward for consideration, simply send an email to to find out more.

There are three upcoming information sessions of which I want to make you aware. The first is a Retirement information session on April 2nd, the second is a term teacher contract session on April 25th, and the final one is a maternity & parental information session on April 29th. Please check the NSTU bulletin board in your staff room for more information, or click on the links provided.

And, finally, the Social Wellness committee is pleased to announce that they will be hosting a movie night on April 6th, at the Dartmouth Cineplex. The movie is Captain Marvel, and tickets are available for members and their families. Doors open at 9:30 am for a 10:00 am showtime. Please note that the tickets are limited, so if you could make sure you can attend prior to reserving seats that would be great. As well, if for some reason your plans change, please let us know. (Click here)

That’s it for today County! Have a good one.

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