Check-In, Monday, March 11

Good Morning, County. Hard to believe we are on the verge of our March Break.

Mostly informational items to pass along today. Please remember to vote on Wednesday, March 13th (this Wednesday) on the Regional Tentative Agreement. If your school does not its package yet, do not worry, I will be delivering the final few today. Reps, please make sure you have enough voting cards for your school.

Speaking of voting, I am very excited to introduce you to the three candidates vying for our Provincial Executive Position. They are Terry Ryan, Paul Boudreau and Andrew Fournier. Voting for that position will take place on Thursday, March 28th. The three candidates will be addressing the members at the the meeting this Wednesday, as well as having a chance to answer some questions, time permitting. I would encourage all members to reach out to the candidates prior to the 28th to ask about their various platforms.

As well, we have a temporary position that has opened up at the local executive level for a member at large position for equity and reps. This position is to fill out the rest of a term, and will be filled at the meeting on Wednesday night as well. If you are interested, please contact

Don’t forget about the three information sessions that are coming up next month. The first is a retirement information session on April 2nd, the second is a term teacher contract session on April 25th, and the final one is a maternity & parental information session on April 29th. Please check the NSTU bulletin board in your staff room for more information, or click on the links provided.

And, finally, the Social Wellness committee is pleased to announce that they will be hosting a movie night on April 6th, at the Dartmouth Cineplex. The movie is Captain Marvel, and tickets are available for members and their families. Doors open at 9:30 am for a 10:00 am showtime. Please note that the tickets are limited, and the movie is already half filled. (Click here)

That’s it for today, County. Have a great week, and I will see you all back here after a well deserved March Break.

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