Check-In, Monday, May 27th

Good morning County! Happy June almost!

Last week the majority of my time was taken up with staffing questions, with people concerned about perhaps being passed over for positions due to qualification issues. 

I just want to remind members that it is hugely important that you keep your online resume up to date, particularly when it comes to experiential qualifications. The HR department can only go by the information they have on hand when determining qualifications. If you do not indicate on myHRCE that you have taught under-water basket weaving for the past three years they will not know you are qualified.

As well, if you wish to check how the HRCE determines qualifications, there is a qualifications chart available to members on document depot. If you feel HRCE has made an error, please let me know.

The next round of postings goes live on Thursday at 4 pm. 

In other business, the equity and reps committee has some exciting news. Last year, the local executive determined that they wished to spend more money locally, so we moved money out of Plan International and dedicated a line in our budget to support local groups. With that in mind, the committee has just opened up an application process whereby County members can apply for funding for local community groups. Click here to be taken to the application form and to find out more!

Speaking of community, we now have a number of nominations for this year’s Inspire award. We are running the awards a bit differently this year in that instead of an awards ceremony, we will be presenting the award at local schools and placing a write up and a picture in the Herald’s community news section. 

Anyone can nominate a County teacher who is doing great things in their school or community. Click here to get an application form! 

Please note that this week, NSTU staff will be offering information sessions on the asking package presented to the government for this round of bargaining. The schedule has been e-mailed to all NSTU accounts and is available on line. If you have not yet seen the schedule, please click here.

Finally, this week is your last chance to purchase tickets to the retirement brunch. I have tickets at the office, but if you can not make it in, give me a call (902) 499-0933 and I will try to arrange a spot for us to meet. As well, please come out and join us for our final social event of the year which will be held at Patrons Bar and Grill, 27 Dellridge lane, (just off Larry Utek) between 4 pm and 7 pm on Thursday, June 6th.

That is it for this week County! Have a great week and we will hopefully see you at the information sessions!





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