Check-In, Monday June 17th

Hey there County! Happy Monday!

As the end of year mayhem and bustle ramp up for teachers, things are, oddly enough, starting to quiet down at the office.

The biggest portion of my time last week was spent preparing for and answering questions about the Teacher Placement Process. That event took place on Saturday and saw hundreds of teachers securing positions for next year. Although the day can certainly be stressful, the process went quite well this year, with very few bumps in the road. Thanks to the Human Resources team from HRCE for doing a great job, and congratulations to all the teachers who were able to secure jobs for the 2019-2020 school year.

For the teachers who were unable to attend TPP this year, the next round of postings goes live this Wednesday at 4:00 pm. PLEASE MAKE SURE that your resume is up to date and that you are very clear about your qualifications when applying for positions. One of the most common issues we see arises when teachers do not clearly indicate their qualifications and are then subsequently denied positions. 

The only other bit of business that remains on the docket is that I am still hearing of teachers who are being expected to do running records and input the data into report cards, but who have not been provided relief time to do so. If you are still looking for clarification on that issue, please contact me via e-mail.

That is all for a very brief note today. Enjoy your week, and good luck to all students who are writing exams. 

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