Check-In, June 24th, 2019

Well folks, that is pretty much a wrap.

2018-19 was unique for a few reasons. We had a new system of educational governance in our province, a new NSTU president, and, of course, our first year without principals as part of our union.

The year certainly presented some rather unique challenges for your local president, to be sure. These including the pressures around the tripartite agreement, the rather intense negotiations that happened at the regional level in order to finally secure a regional agreement, and the introduction of the newly minted phrase “unscheduled instructional time” (although the pressure felt by me around that last one kind of pales in comparison to the rest of you.)

As we look forward to next year, we must also take stock and realize that there are some challenges ahead. Certainly several things in the asking package are cause for concern, and as a provincial election call looms on the horizon, we can expect the rhetoric to heat up in the fall, with teachers once again bearing the brunt.

Of course, we can’t predict how the negotiations will play themselves out, nor what new surprises like U.I.T. await on the horizon to further draw down on the energy reserve of teachers. However, what we can do is take the next few months to look after ourselves and our families, recharge, and prepare for whatever lies ahead.

For those of you who are traveling this summer, it is my sincere wish that you do so safely. As well, a quick well-wish to those hundreds of teachers who will be taking courses to upgrade their teaching practice over the summer months. If you are taking summer upgrades, take a moment or two to post on social media about them. It is always good for the general public to see that, when it comes to being a teacher, the job does not end when the final bell rings in June.

Have a great summer, and I hope to see many of you at the Pride parade on Saturday, July 20th, and then again at the labour day rally on Monday, September 2nd.


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