Check-In, Tuesday, September 3rd

Good Morning County! Welcome back!

First off, thanks to everyone who joined up for the annual Labour Day march and rally! It was great to see everyone and to join with so many pro-labour groups to mark the day. If you have been following any of the events of this summer, you are aware that in BC, Alberta and Ontario teachers are facing continued adversity from governments of all political stripes. Yesterday was a great reminder that together we are stronger! Check out our Facebook page for some great pics!

And, speaking of unionism, it is important that, over the next few days, schools choose someone to be your school’s union representative. As a rep, you will be responsible to attend regular union meetings (held Wednesday evenings, 8 per year) for which all expenses, including travel, child care and pet care will be covered. There may also be some special meetings held this year as we are in contract negotiations. You will also be asked to be the conduit the teachers at your school and your union. (We will help with that, too.)

Any NSTU member can put their name forward to be a rep, or to act as an alternate, who can help share the workload. If more than one member is interested, an election should be held. Schools are permitted a certain number of representatives based on the number of NSTU members at the site. An email has been sent to your school about the process, and I encourage all members to have a look and consider getting involved!

In other news, a somewhat heavy hearted congratulations to Provincial Executive member Paul Boudreau. Paul has been granted a one year position as a staff officer with the NSTU, and will no longer be representing County at the PE table. Paul’s passion for unionism and his level headed approach will be sorely missed at our local executive table. On a point of personal privilege, I am unsure as to how I would have navigated these past few tumultuous years without his input and support. Paul has been assigned to the Straight Region, and, IMHO, they are exceptionally lucky to have him. Best of luck, Paul, and congratulations.

We will be announcing our plans for the upcoming election once we have a date approved by the Provincial Executive. In the short term, I will be sitting in Paul’s place until his replacement has been elected.

On a final note, please note that under Article 25 School Year  of the TPA: 

Days pursuant to 25.04 shall, with the approval of the School Board and the Regional Education Officer, be designated for use as follows:
(i) up to two (2) days per teacher per year for organization purposes;
(ia) one hundred and twenty (120) minutes of the first day for organization purposes of the school year shall be uninterrupted time allocated for professional duties as determined by the teacher.

That’s it for today, County. As always, reach out with any questons.

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