Check-In, Monday, September 23

Good morning County! Happy Monday.

I want to start off with some good news in that our awesome social wellness committee is off to a roaring start and have arranged for a fun night of comedy at Yuk Yuk’s! This will be taking place on Saturday, September 28th at the Westin in Halifax.

You can get a ticket for you and a guest  simply by emailing Tickets are limited, so please make sure you can attend before you commit 🙂

Also, for reps, we have a request from our equity and reps committee that if you have any special requests or food sensitivities, please let them know by filling out this form

Please note as well that we have two positions up for election this fall. One is for our VP of Professional Development, and one is for a spot on the provincial executive. Both roles are significant, and if you wish to find out more or if you wish to  put your name forward, please email

Finally, I know this is a crazy busy time of year for you all, but I just wanted to take a second to talk about and re-affirm our commitment to trying to find ways to improve your overall working conditions. As I have said dozens of times before, there is a reason why the airlines tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first. You can not look after the kids unless you look after yourself. We have not lost sight of that goal, and will continue to look for ways to advance that as one of our key mandates. 

I will be out of the office until Wednesday, but will, as always, have my cell phone surgically grafted to my hip and be monitoring my email.

Have a great week, County, and reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


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