Check-In, Monday, October 28th

Good morning County! Happy Monday!

I am currently attending the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour Annual General Meeting, so am out of the office for the next few days, but did want to remind you to please take a moment on Tuesday to cast your vote in the Provincial Executive election.

The Provincial Executive is the decision making body of your union. It is a volunteer position, and the teachers who decide to put their name forward to serve in this important role, in many ways, are vying for a thankless job. If things go well, you will never know they are working for you. And if things go poorly, they are the ones who will have to answer for the decisions they have made.

Both  Duncan Cameron and Drew Fournier are exceptional candidates, and if you wish to have a voice in your union it all starts with casting a ballot on Tuesday. 

 I want to thank both Drew and Duncan for putting their names forward, and for running such exemplary campaigns. Regardless of who wins, County will be well served.

Members please check with your school rep for your voting cards. If your school has not received a voting package, please email as soon as possible.

Have a great week County, and reach out with any questions/ concerns.

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