Check-In, Monday, November 25th

Good morning, County! Happy Monday!

Your local President just returned from three days of training in Ontario. I had the opportunity to attend two very engaging events, the first put on by the Canadian Teachers Federation in Ottawa, and the second hosted by the EdCan Network in Toronto.

The CTF session was a national training conference for staff officers, and included sessions on spotting fake news, the use of podcasting to get information out to members, and, perhaps not surprisingly, political action strategies. It was very interesting (and educational) to hear how the various provinces are handling the numerous and contentious situations in which they find themselves. BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and, of course, Ontario, are all in very challenging times. 

The EdCan Network session also brought together educators from all over the country, but this time the focus was on Teacher Wellness, specifically, metal wellness. The overall theme was the benefits to both employees and the employer of having a workplace wellness strategy in place. Speakers addressed these benefits in three broad areas: The business case, the legal impetus, and the benefit to student achievement of having a strong focus on educational worker well being. 

Based on the work we have been doing here at home, I can not express how excited I was to have been invited to the EdCan session. The people who were gathered included union leaders, district superintendents, and even a smattering of representatives from government Education Departments. Many of these individuals have direct responsibility for developing policy in their home provinces. That these conversations which have been such a focus here in County for the past few years are now reaching a national level is beyond exciting. 

If you want to learn more about what EdCan is up to, check out this link.

In local news, just a few quick informational items. We do have a spot open on our local executive for the position of 1st Vice-President, Professional Development. You can check out our “Short-Snappers” page for more information on that. As well, for those of you interested in attending annual council, please don’t forget to fill out this form to apply.

Finally, I just want to put in a short plug for our Halifax County CDAF grants. Please note that we will be accepting applications until 4pm on December 6th.

That’s all for today, County. Have a great week.

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