Check-In, Monday, December 9th.

Good Morning County! Happy Monday!

I want to start off with a quick word of clarity about running records. We have been hearing that in some instances, teachers are being given the impression that since running records are “good practice”, they are part of a regular teachers duties and, as such, are an expectation.

While we certainly agree that running records are exceptionally valuable, they are most valuable when teachers have time dedicated to using them with their students. As per the decision of over a year ago, the employer agrees. Thus, should the employer wish teachers to use running records in their classrooms and supply data associated with them, the teacher should be provided sub coverage.

If teachers wish to use an alternate form of assessment, they may do so, and, of course, sub coverage would not be supplied. As well, if teachers wish to use running records for their own purposes, they may do so as well. In that instance, the teacher could certainly request sub coverage, but there would be no expectation that it would be provided.

However, if the admin team at your school wishes you to use running records specifically, then sub coverage must be supplied. Remember, this decision was mutual. Both sides saw the value in running records, and both sides agreed that the best way to utilize this tool was for teachers to have dedicated time to do them properly. If you have any specific questions, (or you are hearing a different message) please contact me directly.

In other news, I am quite excited to announce that we have two members who have put their names forward for the position of 1st VP, Professional Development for our local. They are Erica Ans and Shelley Luddington. Please take a moment to have a look. The election will be held on January 15th at the first local meeting of 2020!

Finally, just a word about wellness. This time of year can be exceptionally stressful for any number of reasons. Financial pressures, personal losses, family concerns; all these things seem to get amplified during the holiday season. If you are marking the holidays this year, please try to take a moment to look to your own personal wellness. If you need a hand, don’t be afraid to ask. If you are in a good place, don’t be shy about offering to help out a colleague who you think is struggling. Sometimes, something as simple as offering to run an errand can go a long way to relieving the pressure.

Have a great week, County, and reach out of you have any questions or concerns. 



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