Check-In, Monday, December 16th

Well, folks, as hard as it is to believe, this is the final Check-In for 2019.

I had sent a bit of a blurb out last week on running records, and I know that the deadline for the first reporting period was done, but that post did generate some conversations.

I will try to clear up any confusion that still remains.

Way back in January of 2019, we received clarification from the NSTU that explained that the NSTU and the DoEECD had come to a settlement on a difference of opinion about whether running records qualified as “Provincial or Board Mandated assessments”. If they did, then teachers would automatically be qualified to get sub coverage for administering them to students.

The NSTU began to prepare to take the matter to arbitration, but before that happened, the DoEECD and the NSTU were able to come to an agreement. It said that Running Records were not a requirement for teachers to assess students. In fact the memo actually read “The Province does not require, nor does any education entity require, any specific instrument to be used for the purposes of assessing student reading by classroom teachers”.

The agreement also said “…the sole act of requiring student progress to be reported up to three reports in a school year” did not automatically trigger the hiring of a sub; teachers still have to do their report cards. However, the decision further clarified that “‘Reporting student progress’ cannot be a requirement for Reading/Running Record levels.” 

At the end of the day, this was not a contentious decision; the two sides did not even need the services of an arbitrator. Both sides agreed that Running Record levels were NOT a requirement for teachers for them to meet their duty to assess students. Teachers are welcome to use Running Records should they choose, but if they are being told they need to provide Running Record levels, regardless of the reason, then the employer would be required to supply a sub. 

I hope that clarifies the issue. If you have any further questions, touch base in the new year.

Now, onto other matters. To start with I want to thank Shelley Luddington and Erica Ans for putting their names forward for the position of 1st VP Professional Development. The election will be held in January, and you can find out more about the candidates by clicking the link on the right hand side of this page.

As well, for those of you who are interested, time is running out for you to get your expression of interest form in for annual council 2020. This actually the 125 anniversary of the NSTU, so this will hopefully be a memorable one. Any member can apply to attend annual council, and attendees are chosen by the nominations committee. Again, the form can be accessed by clicking on the link on our home page.

Finally, some very exciting news for new members! This year we are re-instituting our New Member Conference! This is a great way for teachers to find out more about the NSTU, and what it is that we actually do for members. The conference will be held on February 21st and February 22nd, and if you are interested, please click on this link!

That’s it for 2019, all. Here’s wishing you all a happy and safe Holiday Season, and comes with a sincere hope that you return in 2020 rejuvenated and refreshed.





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