Check-In, Monday, January 13th

We open on a very solemn note today, with a brief moment of remembrance for all those innocent lives that were lost when Ukraine Airlines Flight 752 was shot down last week.

It has been very difficult to not be impacted by this senseless tragedy. The images of those individuals who were killed were those of everyday, average people. I know that many of you will be called upon to navigate this situation with your students, as is so often the case. As you attempt to help young people make sense of the events of the past week, don’t forget to allow yourself a few moments of personal introspection. For those of you in the classroom, do not hesitate to ask for help. The same goes for those of you in guidance. Lean on each other and you will be in a much better personal place to help the kids.

Now, onto other items.

There is still time to sign up for the first of a series of NSTU retirement seminars. These information sessions are always informative, and valuable whether you are a late career teacher or a relative newcomer. The first session is being held at the office at 202 Brownlow tomorrow night at 4:30 pm. Email to register.

This also marks the final week in our latest election campaign. On Wednesday evening, Erica Ans and Shelley Luddington will be vying for the local executive position of VP Professional Development. The vote will take place at the meeting on Wednesday night. Both candidates will have a chance to address the membership, and will be available to answer questions. The meeting is open to all Halifax County local members.

Finally, please don’t forget that there is still time to sign up for our New Member Conference which is being held February 21st to 22nd. This is a great opportunity to find out all about our organization and what the NSTU does for its members! If you wish to attend, please click on this link to apply.

Please reach out if you have any questions, and look after each other this week.


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