Check-In, Monday, March 23

Good Morning County! Happy Monday!

Well, perhaps “happy” is not the correct phrasing, as this is undoubtedly one of the most unsettling situations any of us have experienced. However, I did want to pass along a few notes about the next few days.

As you are already aware, these appointments are about a quick trip into the schools to gather what you think you may need should you be called upon to prepare lessons for students. We know that there are many issues with this idea, such as equity of access to technology, internet access etc, but at this point, you are simply being asked to prepare as best as you can. 

Late last evening the NSTU sent out a memo about how this was to be done. These included asking teachers to ensure:

 They make an appointment with their Principal, or designate;
 They adhere to the scheduled appointment time and date;
 They only enter the school when admitted – teachers should not use their own keys to enter the school as entry will be managed at the school to ensure compliance with public health guidelines;
 They enter the school alone – teachers should not bring their children or partners into the school with them;
 They only retrieve essential items from the school;
 They not enter the school at any time or date other than their scheduled appointment time 

As well, please remember that if you are under self isolation YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO GO TO SCHOOL. PERIOD.

There are also plans afoot to get technology into the hands of grade 12 students. We have received clarification that the distribution of these devices will be handled by the admin team. Specific instructions have gone out to students and their families on how this will take place, and it is my understanding that this plan has been shared with teachers. 

The expectation is for a quick in and out so that you can gather what you think you may need. I do understand that may be difficult to ascertain, as it is unclear what you may be asked to do in the coming days, but there is no real “wrong way” to go about this. The important thing about today is to follow the appropriate steps as outlined above, and practice your social distancing.

The NSTU has set up a specific page for information purposes on this situation, and if you have any individual questions, simply reach out to me and I will get you an answer.

That’s it for today County. Stay safe!

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