Report card update

Good Morning County, Happy Thursday.

I had sent this out yesterday via e-mail to the reps, but wanted to make sure the message was clear on this one as I was still receiving questions late last night.

The DoEECD has not yet directed any of the RCEs to produce report cards. These “due dates” have been created by individual principals who may have misunderstood some of the directives around this particular crisis. To date, all that has been required of teachers is that they go into schools and gather what they need for the next steps, (whatever they may be). You may have also been asked about your technological capacities at home.


Yesterday I heard from a number of schools who had been given report card due dates. I was able to fix the problem for many schools by contacting school admin. They have reached out to principals and provided some clarification on this, and now I believe that everyone understands we are in, essentially, a holding pattern.

Right now, the NSTU and the DoEECD are working closely to figure out what this will look like in the coming weeks. And, much like the school visits of this past week, when you are asked to do something, you will receive a very clear message. You will be told how to proceed by both the DoEECD (through the HRCE) and the NSTU, (through me or a mass communication from central office.) 

This is a very stressful time, and we all understand that . However, this is not a time for mixed messages. If you receive something about the expectations for teachers in the coming days please verify with me. (902) 499-0933



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