Check-In June 7th, 2021


Welcome back to your first full week of in-person learning. It is hoped the transition back to the classroom was smooth during the two transition days. Please note that all students (PP-12) are required to wear masks inside when physical distancing is not possible. Please refer to the Back-to-School Plan (link below) regarding mask use, distancing, hygiene practices and other Covid related protocols for schools.

back-to-school-plan.pdf (

Some teachers have also wondered about End of Year Assessments now that we have switched to in-person learning. There is a link from the DEECD provided below for members reference.

End-of-Year Assessment Update | Education and Early Childhood Development (


There will be an election for local Secretary at the June General Meeting. The following are candidates for the position. Below is a brief write-up on both candidates (alphabetically). Also, each candidate will have the opportunity to speak and the June AGM.

Angela Ewing

Vanessa Turner




It is in your Provincial/Regional Agreement



69.01 When a classroom teacher is required to perform Provincial or Education Entity mandated student assessments that require extended one-on-one student-teacher time, including, but not limited to, Oral Reading Assessments and Observation Surveys, supervision of the remaining students shall be provided by a substitute teacher unless the hiring of a substitute teacher is not operationally required. The obligation to hire a substitute shall be deemed to have been met in the event a substitute is not available after the Education Entity has made every reasonable effort to hire a substitute.

NSTU Benefits at a Glance




There are a number of optional benefits available to Public School Members, PSAANS and APSEA Members that provide the opportunity to purchase additional insurance coverage through payroll deduction, including:

  • optional group life/spousal life insurance
  • voluntary accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D)
  • NSED travel insurance
  • NSED trip cancellation / interruption insurance
  • voluntary critical illness insurance • home/auto insurance.


These coverages are 100% paid by the member and are offered at competitive premium rates. Details on these programs are contained within the Group Insurance Profile via the NSTU Group Insurance Trust website at





Our Local Meeting will be June 9th at 6pm via Zoom.

In solidarity,

Shawn Hanifen



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