Check-In October 12th, 2021

Hi everyone,

We are in our second full month of school and we are seeing an uptake in the number of schools, and it appears the numbers in those schools, of Covid 19. It is apparent that the fourth wave will not only be in our communities, especially here in the Central region, but also in our schools, which is concerning.

Please make sure your Admin are aware of the Back to School-Living With Covid (link below) and especially the Public Health Guidance for Schools. As Covid presents itself at these schools there needs to be an increased awareness of these guidelines, especially the Core Public Health Measures, to reduce the possibility of transmission. Again, I want to reiterate for teachers to look after themselves during this time. If you experience a new or worsening cough; or  any 2 minor symptoms, public health has stated you should reduce your risk of transmission. If you develop a second minor symptom, or a fever, or a new or worsening cough then you should do the COVID-19 self-assessment, or call 811 and speak to a nurse to see if there is a need for a test.


Public Health Guidance | Back to School – Living with COVID-19 (

Coronavirus (COVID-19): symptoms and testing – Government of Nova Scotia, Canada


On that note, also please take time to not only look out for yourselves, but each other. And if a member is struggling, please encourage them to reach out to me for assistance from either myself or central office. Our union’s greatest strength is each other.


By-Election Vice President: Communications (Interim)


We have two candidates for the Interim VP of Communications position, they are Drew Fournier and Suzanne Rohland . Thank you to both Drew and Suzanne for putting your names forward for this important position on our local executive. Please see their information pieces below in alphabetical order.

Drew Fournier

My name is Drew Fournier. I’m running for VP of Communications. It’s my 16th year teaching, and I’ve been involved with the union for several years. I’ve been keen to bring a fresh voice and renewed energy to the County’s executive table for a while.


As part of the communications committee last year, I have insight into the work required of the role. One role of the committee is to host conferences for new members. Last year, in my role as chair of the Provincial Equity Committee, this is something that I did, and that experience would benefit the committee.  


 I would love to have your support on October 20th!


My current and past roles include:

– Equity liaison for my school

– School NSTU Rep

– Local Equity and Reps Committee

– Local Communication Committee

– Member of the Provincial Equity Committee

– Chair of the Provincial Equity Committee



Suzanne Rohland

My name is Suzanne Rohland and I would love to be your new VP of Communications. I currently work at Sunnyside Elementary School teaching grade 4/5 French Immersion with 20 years experience at the elementary level. Since 2006, I’ve been an active participant in the Union. I started as a rep for Shannon Park Elementary and was a member-at-large and treasurer for the Dartmouth Local till 2010.

I’ve been a rep for Halifax County Local since 2014, was on the Finance Committee for two years and I’m currently on the Communications Committee. I’ve also participated in rep retreats, executive training, and the John Huntley Internship. Being an active and engaged member is very important to me. Having the opportunity to be the VP of Communications would be a privilege to help keep the members informed and build engagement within the local. I’m asking for your support on October 20th.




Just a reminder that Dental Plan enrollment for the year has a deadline of October 15th and that any new teacher hired after October 1st has 31 days to enrol.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please call the Administrator, Johnson Inc., at (902) 453-9543 or 1-800- 453-9543 (toll-free). Don’t forget that you can also access more information on these and all other benefits and programs available to you by visiting the NSTU Group Insurance website at www.

October Conference

Just a brief reminder that October Conference Day is fast approaching, some Professional Associations have extended their Registrations (see link below) so please sign-up if you have not done so already.

Also a reminder that this year you need to wait til you attended conference to fill out forms on line.  Go to MyHRCE….Article 60 for directions regarding this year’s reimbursement process.


PA Conference Descriptions (


It is in your Provincial/Regional Agreement


50.01 Teachers who must travel in the performance of their regular duties (which include a specific duty assigned by the Education Entity or a meeting called by the Education Entity or an Education Entity initiated in-service) shall be paid a travel allowance the greater of thirty-four (34¢) per kilometre or the current provincial government rate for those kilometres in excess of the round trip distance between the teacher’s residence and the school/site where the teacher teaches the greatest percentage of his/her time. If the teacher teaches an equal amount of time at more than one (1) school/site, then the school/site to be used in the calculation of travel allowance shall be the school/site closest to the teacher’s ordinary place of residence.

50.02 The parties to this Agreement shall encourage teachers to travel together when attending the same meeting/in-service when circumstances make it reasonably practicable.


Teachers’ Provincial Agreement 2015-2019 (


NSTU Benefits at a Glance

Long Term Disability

Effective August 1, 2014 – the NSTU Long Term Disability Plan is mandatory for all members without the ability to opt out unless the following condition has been met:

  • Plan member is age 65 or has 35 years of pensionable service less accumulated sick leave.

Cost Sharing

Under the Teachers’ Provincial Agreement/APSEA Agreement, the Employer cost shares monthly premium with members by paying 50%. Some members are grandfathered at 70% of the monthly cost.


  • 70% of gross monthly salary at time claim commences – taxable
  • For long-term claims, benefit reduced by Workers’ Compensation and/or Canada Pension
  • Rehabilitation benefit
  • Cost-of-living benefit, outside the insurance contract
  • Elimination period of 90 calendar days, or accumulated sick leave, whichever is greater
  • Benefits payable to age 65
  • Pension contributions are made by Member and Employer


Adjudicated by Manulife Financial


If you have any questions regarding the above, please call the Administrator, Johnson Inc., at 453-9543 or 1-800-453-9543 (toll-free).

email: or

Visit the Johnson Inc. website:



In solidarity,

Shawn Hanifen

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