Check-In September 1-9th, 2022

Good morning,

Welcome everyone to the 2022/23 school year. Below are some organizational items for election of reps, meetings, etc. for this upcoming school year. Hope you have a great week and long weekend. Our NSTU Staff Officer for the school year once again is Wally Fiander and the executive and local are very glad to have Wally back. His email address is and he may be reached by calling the central NSTU office at (902)477-5621 and asking the switchboard to speak to Wally. 


Will You Be a School/Site Union Rep This Year?

Some of you might want to consider running for the School/Site Union Rep position this September. It is an excellent introduction to the NSTU and also a great way to meet colleagues and share as professionals. On the Organization Day in September there should be a call for nominations among the NSTU members at your school/site.

Depending on the size of your staff, you may be able to elect 1, 2, or 3 Union Reps. Here are the guidelines:

Educational sites with up to 25 members—1 Rep

Educational sites with 26-50 members—2 Reps

Educational sites with over 50 members—3 Reps

If you have more nominations than spots available, then a vote should be held via secret ballot.


Once you have your Reps for your school they are asked to fill out the Google Form below for the VP of Reps and Equity, Desiree Daniele, with contact info/allergies for Local Meetings. A list of dates are below. Thank you to Desiree and her committee for compiling Rep info.


Meeting dates

Please note all Local General Meetings are booked for in person and Covid-permitting will begin at 6PM at the Legion in Lower Sackville.

 Sept 28

Oct 19

Nov 23

Jan 11

Mar 8

April 12

May 10

June 7

Meet Your Local Executive Members

President: Shawn Hanifen

(902) 499-0933

First Vice President (Economic Welfare):  Turk MacDonald

Vice President of Communications: Suzanne Rohland

Vice President of Professional Development:  Shelley Luddington

Vice President of Nominating: Jason Jennings

Vice President of Social and Wellness:  Gayle Doyle

Vice President of Reps and Equity: Desiree Daniele

Treasurer: Jodie MacIlreith

Secretary: Angela Ewing

Provincial Executive: Meg Ferguson

Provincial Executive:  Duncan Cameron


It is in your Provincial/Regional Agreement



As some teachers have asked about their lost narking and preparation time, I have included the section in article 59 to clarify. Also, many teachers have expressed they have significant barriers to carrying out their duties, so a section of the Working Conditions article is also attached. And with the Education Minister’s announcement to schools returning to sports, clubs and activities I am also attaching the Extracurricular Activities article as a reminder these are voluntary. A link to these articles in their entirety is listed below for your reference. Please email our local NSTU staff officer if you need assistance or clarification for either article, Wally’s email is

Teachers’ Provincial Agreement 2015-2019 (


59.05 A teacher who is required by the Principal to fill in when a substitute is not hired pursuant to Article 32.23 (Substitute Teachers) of this Agreement shall have the lost marking and preparation time rescheduled within ten (10) school days.


70.02 A teacher(s) who considers a system, policy or structure as causing a significant barrier(s) to carrying out the teacher’s duties may report the facts of the situation in writing to their immediate supervisor who shall investigate, take appropriate action, and report the response in writing within fifteen (15) days to the teacher(s).

24.01 While the parties consider it desirable that teachers participate in extracurricular activities, it
is recognized by the parties bound by this Agreement that any involvement, such as
participation, supervision, administration, direction, coaching, by a teacher in extracurricular
activities shall be on a voluntary basis.



Shawn Hanifen

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