Check-In October 11th,2022

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone had another relaxing long weekend. A reminder to school reps of next week’s meeting at the Legion for 6pm. Supper will be served at 5:30pm. Also, a reminder to all members to join the new Halifax County FB page. Please see the announcements this week as there are some pertinent dates, a quick survey and some economic welfare sessions available for the membership and the VP of Reps and Equity (interim) position.




The Nominations Committee would like to announce that Desiree Daniele is a candidate for the Local Executive position of Vice-President: Equity & Reps (interim).  The election will be held at the Local meeting on Wednesday, October 19. Further nominations will be taken from floor. 


VP of Reps and Equity Candidate


My name is Desiree Daniele and I have been a Halifax County Local Member since 2005, committee member since 2015 and first joined the Executive in 2019 as the Member at Large: Equity and Reps. During my time as both a committee member and MAL, I have organized training opportunities for our Reps so they can best support our greatest asset, our Members. I make a point of listening to our Members and continue to ensure that our training opportunities continue to meet their evolving needs. I am organized, efficient and offer a strong voice for our Membership. I want to thank you for having put your trust in me for the past three years and for the opportunity to continue in the role of Vice President of Reps and Equity on October 19th.


Social Wellness

 The Social Wellness Committee invites you to our first event for 2022-2023!!  Join us Friday, October 21st from 3:30 – 6:30 p.m. at the Porter’s Lake Pub for relaxation and social time with colleagues.  Tickets for a beverage and appetizer for all Local members, as well as the chance to win one of our 12 gift card draws!  The staff with the highest percentage turnout will win a $50 gift certificate to the Pub. Check out the attached poster for details, OR follow this link to sign up for the event and to pre-order your choice of appetizer (required by the venue).  We are looking forward to seeing you there!!!!


Click the link below for our short 2 question retirement survey, a poster was also distributed to Reps via email.

Retirement Event Preferences (


Economic Welfare

The Economic Welfare Committee are asking Reps and NSTU members to submit ideas for resolutions for our next Annual Council. As well as submissions for our next contracts both Regional and Provincial. Contracts are coming up this year. Any idea or thought you have that would benefit teachers or better their working condition’s then please take a moment and fill out the attached form. Keeping in mind we are collecting ideas and will write your ideas in resolution language. Please use the attactched form and send it to

There will be a Zoom session on October 18th, 2022 @ 6:30pm via Zoom on Know Your Contract. Please see the poster that was sent to Reps

Register by completing the Google Form registration: OR CONTACT: Turk MacDonald @


It is in your Provincial/Regional Agreement


HRCE2019web.pdf (


5.01 (i) The Regional Centre shall grant a one (1) school year unpaid Leave of Absence to a teacher on a permanent contract who applies for such leave. Upon completion of the Leave of Absence the teacher’s status within the school remains the same as if the Leave of Absence had not occurred; however, it should be understood that nothing in the application of the Leave of Absence will affect the status of a teacher in the school should it become necessary to apply Article 11 – Seniority and Reduction or Article 10 – Staffing. (ii) The Regional Centre may grant an additional one (1) school year unpaid Leave of Absence to a teacher granted a Leave of Absence pursuant to Article 5.01, and who has applied for a second such leave. Teachers shall provide written reasons for the request. Upon approval of the second year Leave of Absence, the teacher’s status will be surplus and the teacher’s position will become a permanent vacancy and will be posted in accordance with Article 10.01. The teacher shall apply for positions pursuant to Articles 10.10 and 10.11 for the year of their scheduled return.

5.02 (i) Applications for Leave of Absence shall be submitted to the Director of Human Resource Services or designate on or before April 1 of the school year prior to the one in which leave is desired. (ii) Applications for a Leave of Absence submitted after April 1 may be granted by the Regional Centre.

5.03 A teacher on Leave of Absence shall inform the Regional Centre on or before April 1 prior to the next school year, of the teacher’s intention of returning to the system, or the teacher’s position will become a permanent vacancy and will be posted in accordance with Article 10.01 be placed in a position by the Regional Centre. The teacher will be declared surplus and will only receive August payment(s) if the teacher has confirmed the teacher’s return. A teacher who fails to confirm the teacher’s return, before the meeting pursuant to Article 10.11 shall be placed in a position by the Regional Centre.

5.04 All benefits earned by a teacher up to the commencement of the Leave of Absence shall be held for the teacher while the teacher is on Leave of Absence but no usage or further accumulation of benefits shall be permitted until the teacher resumes teaching for the Regional Centre. For greater clarity, a Leave of Absence shall have no effect on a teacher’s seniority. 8 HRCE Collective Agreement

5.05 An unpaid Leave of Absence of less than one (1) year may be granted at the discretion of the Regional Centre.

5.06 Applications for an unpaid Leave of Absence of less than one (1) year duration shall be delivered in writing to the Regional Centre not less than two (2) months prior to the anticipated date of commencement of leave. In exceptional circumstances the Regional Centre may grant a leave with less than two (2) months’ notice.


NSTU Benefits at a Glance

The HealthCareAssist Program

The HealthCareAssist program is a new comprehensive navigation service that provides NSTU members, spouses and dependent children with answers, guidance and support before, during and after treatment, in the event of an illness or health crisis.

HealthCareAssist provides individual case management of all types of medical conditions. These conditions include cardiovascular conditions, stroke, diabetes, kidney conditions, and multiple sclerosis, just to name a few. A Nurse Case Manager provides a single point of contact, creates continuity of care and ensures patients receive the right treatment, at the right time, in the right place.

HealthCareAssist combines CAREpath’s team of highly trained and caring nurses with Cleveland Clinic Canada’s global network of physicians and specialists.

Here is how HealthCareAssist helps:

  • Dramatically improves the overall quality of care, recovery and outcomes
  • Provides in-depth assessment of treatment plans to ensure they are consistent with medical best practice
  • Explains options for tests and treatments specific for the individual
  • Facilitates access to diagnostic tests, treatments and clinical trials
  • Through Cleveland Clinic Canada, provides virtual doctor-to-doctor consults with the patient’s local treating physicians after completing medical second opinions
  • Guides patients to alternate treatment locations in and outside Canada, when requested or required
  • Delivers telephonically, making the service timely and efficient

Helpful Links

For an overview of all the programs available to you through CAREpath, watch the following navigation video to understand how this program can assist:

For more information on all of the programs CAREpath can offer you, visit their website below:


The HealthCareAssist Program can be accessed directly at 1-844-453-6788 or through the NSTU at 1-800-565-6788, press 3.


Have a great week,

Shawn Hanifen

Local President

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