Check-In January 9th, 2023

Hi everyone,

Just a brief Check-In and a reminder that our local meeting has been moved to January 25th at 6pm (dinner at 5:30) at the Legion in Lower Sackville.



 Meeting Date Change

Please note the date change for our January meeting from January 11th to January 25th at 6pm (dinner at 5:30) which will enable us to hold an election for our new Member at Large (MAL) position at that meeting. The meeting will still be at the Legion in Lower Sackville.



Please see the link to the new MAL nomination form below sent on behalf of Jason Jennings VP of Nominations : 


Social Wellness

Halifax County’s Social & Wellness Committee is providing 100 tickets to a Halifax Thunderbirds Lacrosse home game!! Watch the Check-In for the link to sign up. Coming soon!


PD committee

The PD Committee is doing it again, we are giving away $100 to 500 county NSTU members to spend in their classroom! That’s right, Cash For Classrooms id back!


In preparation for the next round of bargaining with the HRCE, the NSTU Halifax Regional economic welfare committee is seeking member input for the creation of our asking package.
If you think there are things which should be changed in your Regional agreement, please submit your ideas to the committee through email at or by following this link to the Google Form:  
Submissions do not need to be written in contractual language.  If emailing your submission, the email including your submission must come from a non-employer email and should include your name, school and your professional number.

For your convenience, you may find a copy of the current Regional agreement at 
Submissions should relate to articles within the current Halifax regional agreement or any article contained in any other regional agreement.
Submissions to be considered in the upcoming round of negotiations should be submitted prior to January 31st, 2023. The committee will consider each submission carefully before deciding which submission will be included in our presentation to the HRCE.


 It is in your Provincial/Regional Agreement



68.01 A teacher shall receive compensation for loss from theft of or damage to personal property used for instructional purposes within the school and/or extracurricular activities sponsored by the Education Entity /school in which the teacher is employed:

 68.02 Where personal property of a teacher is lost or damaged, the teacher may make a written claim subject to the following:

  1. The teacher has taken appropriate steps to protect the property from loss or damage;
  2. The teacher has written authorization of school based administration prior to the use of such property;
  3. The teacher carries a homeowner insurance policy on the teacher’s personal property and the property being claimed is not covered by the policy. The claim shall be made within three (3) working days of the effective knowledge of the theft or damage. d. A compensation claim shall be limited to: (i) the replacement cost of the article; (ii) a maximum payment by the Education Entity on any claim of one thousand two hundred dollars ($1,200.00) or if the article is covered under a teacher’s home owner insurance policy a compensation claim shall be limited to the deductible portion of the teacher’s insurance policy; (iii) claims of less than fifty dollars ($50.00) will not be considered.

68.03 The Education Entity shall reimburse teachers for eyeglasses that are damaged in the course of a teacher’s duties, provided the teacher can demonstrate that she/he acted in a responsible manner. The teacher shall be reimbursed to a limit of four hundred dollars ($400.00) for a claim and the teacher must first access their NSTU medical insurance policy on eyeglasses if available.


NSTU Benefits at a Glance

Long Term Disability

Effective August 1, 2014 – the NSTU Long Term Disability Plan is mandatory for all members without the ability to opt out unless the following condition has been met:

  • Plan member is age 65 or has 35 years of pensionable service less accumulated sick leave.

Cost Sharing

Under the Teachers’ Provincial Agreement/APSEA Agreement, the Employer cost shares monthly premium with members by paying 50%. Some members are grandfathered at 70% of the monthly cost.


  • 70% of gross monthly salary at time claim commences – taxable
  • For long-term claims, benefit reduced by Workers’ Compensation and/or Canada Pension
  • Rehabilitation benefit
  • Cost-of-living benefit, outside the insurance contract
  • Elimination period of 90 calendar days, or accumulated sick leave, whichever is greater
  • Benefits payable to age 65
  • Pension contributions are made by Member and Employer


Adjudicated by Manulife Financial


If you have any questions regarding the above, please call the Administrator, Johnson Inc., at 453-9543 or 1-800-453-9543 (toll-free).

email: or

Visit the Johnson Inc. website:


Have a great week,

Shawn Hanifen

Local President

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