Report card update

Good Morning County, Happy Thursday.

I had sent this out yesterday via e-mail to the reps, but wanted to make sure the message was clear on this one as I was still receiving questions late last night.

The DoEECD has not yet directed any of the RCEs to produce report cards. These “due dates” have been created by individual principals who may have misunderstood some of the directives around this particular crisis. To date, all that has been required of teachers is that they go into schools and gather what they need for the next steps, (whatever they may be). You may have also been asked about your technological capacities at home. Read more

Check-In, Monday, March 23

Good Morning County! Happy Monday!

Well, perhaps “happy” is not the correct phrasing, as this is undoubtedly one of the most unsettling situations any of us have experienced. However, I did want to pass along a few notes about the next few days.

As you are already aware, these appointments are about a quick trip into the schools to gather what you think you may need should you be called upon to prepare lessons for students. We know that there are many issues with this idea, such as equity of access to technology, internet access etc, but at this point, you are simply being asked to prepare as best as you can. 

Late last evening the NSTU sent out a memo about how this was to be done. These included asking teachers to ensure: Read more

Check-In, Tuesday, March 17th

Good morning County! Happy Tuesday!

Apologies for not publishing yesterday, but things got a bit busy there for awhile. I did manage to send along a few informational e-mails to the reps, and would ask that if it is possible, they get sent along.

The largest number of questions that I am getting right now are coming from substitutes teachers and long term subs. Yesterday, two emails were sent out, one from HRCE and one from NSTU clarifying how that all will work. As mentioned in that correspondence, they are still sorting through how day-to-day subs will be handled, but everyone is working to find solutions at the moment. Read more

Check-In, Monday, March 9th

Good morning, County! Happy Monday!

Last week saw a marked up-tick in e-mails about the CoVid-19 virus here at the office. Many teachers may be travelling on the break, and they have some legitimate concerns. I had everything from “Will I get paid if I get quarantined?” to “Should I stay home if I have a compromised immune system”?

To start with, our contract has very specific language around quarantine, which reads : Read more

Check In, Monday, March 2nd

Good Morning, County! Happy March!

Just a few quick informational items for this week.

For those of you who are being impacted by the school realignment, I am still waiting to hear back from HRCE about which HR manager will be helping out with the transition. However, I have been informed that their HR team will be meeting over the next few days and will be following up with me this week. As soon as I know more, I will advise you of what our plans are for meeting with teachers at the effected schools.

I do want to again reassure you that I have been through re-alignments before, and that I will do my best to make sure all your questions are answered once we start the process. Read more

Check-In, Wednesday, February 26th

Good morning County!

First off, apologies for the late release date on this edition of the Check-In. There are several things going on right now that are causing concern for members, and I was waiting until I had some more information on a few key items. I can’t say that I was tremendously successful in that effort, but here goes 🙂

We met with the HRCE on Monday afternoon in one of our regularly scheduled Management/ Teacher meetings. There we were informed about the new “data wall” initiative, which some of you have already contacted me about. Read more

School re-alignment

Hello everyone,

By now, most of you have probably heard that there will be a fairly significant re-shuffling with schools here in County because of the government’s decision to institute the pre-primary program.

I was only made aware of this decision yesterday at 3:00 pm, so, unfortunately, as of this time, have very few details that I can share.

However, for those of you with questions, you should know that this is not my first experience in such a re-alignment, and that the previous instances have all gone relatively smoothly.

Over the next few days I hope to find out from HRCE which HR managers are in charge of this round of changes, and, if history is any indication, meetings will be set up shortly to discuss concerns and answer questions from the impacted staff.

The impacted schools are as follows: Read more

Check-In, Tuesday, February 18th

Good morning County! Happy Tuesday!

I hope you all had a restful long week end, and had an opportunity to perhaps attend some of the events for this year’s heritage day which commemorated Africville.

I heard from a number of you on Friday that you had been contacted by the health and abilities team under the new attendance support program (ASP) about your absences up to and including November 12th of 2019. 

Now, I want to make a few things completely clear. Read more

Check-In, Monday, February 10th

Good morning, County. Happy Monday.

I don’t know if it’s the time of year, but I have gotten several reports over the past few weeks of teachers being involved in some fairly nasty parental interactions.

Parents are, by their very nature, protective of their children, and are not necessarily at their most rational when it comes to their wee ones. As true as this may be, it is not unreasonable that they approach these concerns in a respectful way. In a perfect world, should a parent have a concern with a teacher, they would begin by approaching the teacher directly. Read more

Check-In, Monday, February 3rd

Well, we finally made it through January! (Was it just me, or did this one seem inordinately long?)

As high school teachers welcome students into their 2nd semester classes and everyone else is “In the groove” as it were, I am getting a few questions about PLCs, and about Running Records.

I have tried to be very clear about running records, to such a large extent that I am feeling a bit like a broken record myself. I will state again that there is no situation under which your admin team can insist you do running records with your students without providing you coverage. Yes, running records are best practice, but they are best practice when teachers can work with students individually without having to supervise other students. Again, this is not some “union thing”. The province agreed that this is how running records should be done. If you are hearing anything else, please let me know. Read more