Check-In, Monday, September 23

Good morning County! Happy Monday.

I want to start off with some good news in that our awesome social wellness committee is off to a roaring start and have arranged for a fun night of comedy at Yuk Yuk’s! This will be taking place on Saturday, September 28th at the Westin in Halifax.

You can get a ticket for you and a guest  simply by emailing Tickets are limited, so please make sure you can attend before you commit 🙂 Read more

Check-In, Monday, September 9.

Good morning County! Happy Monday.

I hope that you have weathered the storm, and that this memo finds you safe and with restored power!

Just a few quick notes for this week. We are in the process of updating our NSTU representative registry, and I had sent out a “how to” last week. If you have been selected as a school rep, we would appreciate you filling out our Rep Information Form as soon as you are able. Read more

Check-In, Tuesday, September 3rd

Good Morning County! Welcome back!

First off, thanks to everyone who joined up for the annual Labour Day march and rally! It was great to see everyone and to join with so many pro-labour groups to mark the day. If you have been following any of the events of this summer, you are aware that in BC, Alberta and Ontario teachers are facing continued adversity from governments of all political stripes. Yesterday was a great reminder that together we are stronger! Check out our Facebook page for some great pics! Read more

Check-In, June 24th, 2019

Well folks, that is pretty much a wrap.

2018-19 was unique for a few reasons. We had a new system of educational governance in our province, a new NSTU president, and, of course, our first year without principals as part of our union.

The year certainly presented some rather unique challenges for your local president, to be sure. These including the pressures around the tripartite agreement, the rather intense negotiations that happened at the regional level in order to finally secure a regional agreement, and the introduction of the newly minted phrase “unscheduled instructional time” (although the pressure felt by me around that last one kind of pales in comparison to the rest of you.) Read more

Check-In, Monday June 17th

Hey there County! Happy Monday!

As the end of year mayhem and bustle ramp up for teachers, things are, oddly enough, starting to quiet down at the office.

The biggest portion of my time last week was spent preparing for and answering questions about the Teacher Placement Process. That event took place on Saturday and saw hundreds of teachers securing positions for next year. Although the day can certainly be stressful, the process went quite well this year, with very few bumps in the road. Thanks to the Human Resources team from HRCE for doing a great job, and congratulations to all the teachers who were able to secure jobs for the 2019-2020 school year. Read more

Check-In, Monday, June 10th

Hey there, County! Happy Monday!

I want to start with a particular shout out to all the retirees who managed to make it through the down-town-Bluenose-Marathon congestion yesterday to attend the retirement brunch. It was a lovely meal and the sun deck was absolutely lovely. Thank you to the Social Wellness committee for another great retirement function, and a special thank you to former NSTU local executive member, former NSTU staff officer, and former Teacher with Administrative Responsibility Jim King for his inspiring words. Check out our Facebook page for lots of great photos. Read more

Check-In, Monday June 3rd

Good morning County! Happy Monday!

Not much in the wind this week, as most of last week was taken up with the new contract information sessions. Please note that the asking packages will be available at our Annual General Meeting this Wednesday for schools who have not yet received them.

Speaking of the AGM, this year’s will feature a number of elections for local executive positions, as well as what is usually a fairly robust discussion about our budget for next year. All members are welcome to attend at the Calais Legion in Lower Sackville. 6:00 pm for a 6:30 pm start. Read more

Check-In, Monday, May 27th

Good morning County! Happy June almost!

Last week the majority of my time was taken up with staffing questions, with people concerned about perhaps being passed over for positions due to qualification issues. 

I just want to remind members that it is hugely important that you keep your online resume up to date, particularly when it comes to experiential qualifications. The HR department can only go by the information they have on hand when determining qualifications. If you do not indicate on myHRCE that you have taught under-water basket weaving for the past three years they will not know you are qualified. Read more