New: PD Funding Guidelines for 2017-2018

Hey County,

The updated guidelines for PD funding applications are now available:

Halifax County Local PD Guidelines 2017-2018  (MS Word)

Please remember to review all relevant sections of the document and following requirements closely. As we all know, there is a great deal of scrutiny about the ethical and responsible use of funding for teacher professional development. These guidelines are in place to ensure that we can confirm that our members adhere to rigorous standards in pursuing opportunities for professional growth- we thank everyone who applies for their effort to do so.

If you have questions about how to submit an application or need clarification, please reach out to our VP Professional Development Duncan Cameron ( BEFORE you submit to ensure there are no issues. Head on over to the PD page for forms and applications.

Thanks all! Happy applying. 😉

NEW: Conference Funding Application Form for 2017-2018

Hey County,

Forms to apply for funding for conferences from the County Local are now here:

Conference Funding Application 2017-2018 (MS Word)

Please submit according to the instructions on the form. One change from previous years is that you are now free to apply for funding no matter when your conference occurs- that means you can fill it out early, even if your conference happens in the “second half” of the school year.

So, get applyin’! 🙂 If you have any questions, please contact our tremendous VP Professional Development Duncan Cameron and team at Thanks!