Service Award…Day 2

Well, that was an interesting day 🙂

In way of an update, I have no new information on the service award.

I am getting a number of very similar questions, mostly around eligibility. Now, although I can’t answer individual questions, the information on the HRSB website is a good place for folks to start.

It was made clear yesterday that choosing  to take the service award will not impact the NSTU’s case against the government, which was one of the most common questions I received on Tuesday, so hopefully that information was useful.

I have had folks who believe that they are eligible asking about how the award will be calculated, and if they should take it. As far as calculations, HRSB is looking after that, and presumably they will be able to provide some rationale to members as to how they arrived at a final number. That should happen sometime around mid-February.

Finally, as to the decision to take or not, that is up to the member, and will obviously be driven by a number of factors. However, the Economic Welfare Committee is already looking at setting up an information session for members, and bringing in a financial advisor to help.

As information comes out, I will share. Keep an eye on your email and follow our social media sites, as you can.



Special Notice

Good morning county!

Well, there’s nothing like a good ol’ fashion mid-week bombshell to get the blood flowing.

You probably have heard by now that the government is moving forward with a payout of the long term service award.

There are, of course, a barrel of questions being asked, including what it means for individuals, and what it means for our legal case.

The answers to those questions are being asked by me as well, but at this point, I have no information to share beyond what you received yesterday.

However, please know that the moment I know ANYTHING, I will send it along.

Please keep an eye on your NSTU e-mail over the next few days, and monitor our social media sites as you can.