Andrew Fournier

Hello, my name is Drew Fournier. This is my 13th year teaching. Over the course of my career I have taught all levels from Primary-6. I have been involved with the union as a rep for almost 10 years between 2 provinces and three locals. Over the past two years I began serving on our local Equity and Reps Committee.

To say that the past few years have been tough would be putting it mildly. The degree to which the government has made our lives more difficult, and attacked our profession is shocking. I have no doubt this will be continuing in the future, and that is why I’m looking for your support on March 28th to be a voice for the County. We need a Provincial Executive that is not going to accept a bad deal from the government. I’m looking to see greater transparency with our Provincial Executive, and to continue to push for change at the NSTU.

Please feel free to contact me at ​​ and if you’re ready for change at the Provincial Executive executive table, please consider voting for me on March 28th.

Respectfully, Drew Fournier