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  • Duncan Cameron

    Meet the 2017 Halifax County Local

    Provincial Executive Candidates

    How will you strengthen communications between the Provincial Executive and the Halifax County Local members?
    I would make sure the members know just how to get in touch with me anytime. Members want to be able to reach out and voice an opinion or just talk. This isn’t enough though; I have to return the communication in a timely fashion. Members want to feel acknowledged and that they matter and that I as their PE member appreciate them.

    The Provincial Executive position is meant to represent the province as a whole.  How will you balance that responsibility with raising the voice of the Halifax County Local?

    I am representing Halifax County Local; they are the members that elected me to look out for their interests. It is important to remain united within the union across the province however first and foremost my goal is to address the concerns of Halifax County members. In the end it is the members of Halifax County Local that elected me and that I am responsible to represent.


    My name is Duncan Cameron and I just want to take some time to introduce myself and explain why I am running for Provincial Executive.

    I am excited to be running for Provincial Executive for Halifax County Local. I have been teaching for 16 years (13 within the HRSB) I am currently a Grade 7 Social Studies and Healthy Living teacher at Rocky Lake Junior High.

    I have been an active member of the Halifax County Local for 7 consecutive years taking on various roles and responsibilities. This experience has been invaluable as it has given me a lot of perspective.  I have learned the expectations and the responsibilities that are necessary to represent the membership.  I believe it is very important to be a well-rounded and informed member so you can make the tough decisions and choices necessary.

    I started off within the union being a school representative and after attending my first meeting I was hooked. I enjoyed the information and knowledge shared along with the social aspect of meeting and talking to my fellow teachers, this has fostered many collegial friendships that I otherwise would never have connected with. I wanted to become more involved so I signed on to be apart of the Social and Wellness committee. After serving two years on the PD committee, I decided I wanted to move on so I could further my knowledge and understanding of the workings of the local. After spending a few years on different committees I was excited and wanted to take on more responsibility and applied to be the VP of Professional Development and serve on the HRRC committee. The 3 years being the VP of PD and being on Article 60 has taught me a lot about representing the locals interest not just my own. When I walk into those meetings I am representing 2200 members not just Duncan Cameron, I will fight and be your voice.  I am an excellent communicator; I will listen to your concerns and see to it that they are addressed.

    This is why I strongly believe that the position of Provincial Executive is about representing the members and not just yourself. You shouldn’t allow personal feelings and future plans within the NSTU to cloud or impair your judgement when making decisions around what is best for the membership. One of my strengths is that I am a very good listener. I listen, take in all the facts and information so I am able to process it and then make an informed, sometimes tough and difficult decision. I am not one to speak just to speak.

    I have always been a team player first and an individual second. I don’t do things for praise, accolades or pats on the back. I do it because it is the right thing to do so the members will benefit; I’m not afraid to make tough decisions or choices. No matter what is going on my priority first and foremost is what’s best for the local and the members. That is the commitment I show in both my personal and professional life; members first. This is how I will go forward if given the chance to be your next Provincial Executive member.