Local Service Award

Local Service Award
The Local Service Award is awarded by the NSTU for displaying at the Local level a consistent and continuing involvement in Local leadership, professional development or long-term service to education or the teaching profession. It is awarded to active members by the Provincial Executive on the recommendation of the Local Executive.

Halifax County Local Members wishing to nominate a Local member for the award should send the appropriate information to the Local President by February 29, 2017


Halifax County Local Recipients:
2016 * nominations open now *
2015 Susan Noiles, Elizabeth Fraser, Lorna Trethewey, Joel Fraser, Dominque Duchesne, Turk MacDonald
2014 Ernestine Oakley, Kevin Currie
2013 Peter Balcom, Donna Elliott
2012 Alexis Allen, Gwen MacLeod-Farquar
2011 Brenda Butler, Sue Hannem
2010 Charlotte Myers, Kathy Siddall
2009 Cynthia Copp, Pat LeFort, Bonnie Steeves
2008 Sharon Black
2007 Dan Currie, Robert Doiron, Donna Fraser, Joan Nauss, Pam Bouchard
2006 Charles Blinn, Colleen Putt, Gordon Steeves
2005 Doug Ralston
2004 Maritza Adelaar, Carol Ann Edwards, Sharon MacKinnon, Heather Wood
2003 Dick Rector
2002 Colin Campbell, Cheryl McKillop
2001 Mabel McCarthy, Bob Price, John Tilley
1997 Peggy Ludlow, Sharon Taylor
1994 Sandra Jones