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  • Short Snappers

    Start up 2017

    Understanding that there are many changes happening this year, I want to hear from you. Of particular interest are how the new class caps are impacting you. If you have classes in your school that are over the cap please let me know.

    Extended School Day

    To date, I have only heard from a few schools about the impact of extended school day for the P-2. If you have any concerns (or any praise) for the new day, please drop me a line. I would like to have some information to bring to Management/ Teacher on September 25th.

    Duty Schedules 

    I have also heard some rumblings of teachers having their schedules outside of the 30 minute minimum filled with some sort of duty. (Student support, hallway duty, in-class support.) If you have noticed a significant change in the duty schedules in your building this year, I would like to get some details, again, before September 25th, if possible.

    Early Childhood Sites

    The NSTU has sent a memo out to the principals directly involved in the new Early Childhood program, asking for their input on the program. If your school is part of the roll-out, I would encourage you to speak to your principal if any concerns arise, or simply contact me.

    Removal of Small Appliances

    It has come to my attention that the operations division of HRSB has ordered that all personal small appliances be removed from teacher’s classrooms by September 30th. I am looking to discuss this directive with HRSB, and will see if a compromise can be reached.

    Local President’s Visit 

    Please contact me at halifaxcountylocal@nstu.ca if you want me to pop by your school. You can also track me down at the office most days between 8:00am and 3:30pm, (902) 468-6788, or at anytime via my cell at (902) 499-0933. I would love to come out for a chat!