Short Snappers

Provincial Executive Position
We have three great candidates who have out their names forward to serves as one of our two Provincial Executive. Thanks to Terry Ryan, Paul Boudreau and Andrew Fournier for stepping up. Information about the candidates will be placed on our website starting next week.
Local Executive Position
We also have a temporary position opening up on our local executive for the Chair of our Equity and Reps Committee. Nominations will be taken from the floor at our March meeting, or interested members can put their name forward by contacting Elections for that position will be held at our March 13th meeting.
Local Service Awards
The Local Service Award is to recognize the outstanding contributions of members who have provided leadership and service at the Local level of the NSTU. The award is open to any active member, or any member who has retired within the last two years. To recommend someone for the award, a member must simply put a letter forward to the local President which indicates the reason why the member should be considered (should not be more than 150 words.) All such letters will be considered by the local executive, with selected nominees having their names sent to the Provincial Executive for final consideration. If chosen by PE, the local nominees will be invited to a special luncheon at annual council where they will receive their award.
For more information on the process, members should refer to the NSTU operational procedures, or contact their local president.
Upcoming sessions.
The regional economic welfare committee is hosting three important information sessions in April. On April 2nd there will be a retirement information session, on April 25th, a term teacher contract session, and on April 29th, a maternity and parental leave information session. Please see the Check-In for more details.
Movie Night
Your fantastic Halifax County Social and Wellness committee has arranged for another great movie event at the Cineplex in Dartmouth on April 6th. They will be showing Captain Marvel. Please see the Check-In for details or to sign up.