Short Snappers

Teacher Wellness
Have a great way to relax during school? Do you have a “Wellness hack” that gets you through your day? If so, send your wellness strategy along to and be entered in a draw to win a prize.
Halifax County Inspire Awards
Do you have someone in your building who is a mentor and a guide? Does a teacher you know deserve some recognition? If so, send their name, school, and a brief 150 word write up to and enter them into the running to receive an Inspire award. Winners will receive a visit from the local President (with accompanying treats!) and a write up about them in the Chronicle Herald.
Running Records
Please note that if teachers are being asked to provide running record data, they are entitled to release time. If this is not happening in your school, please contact your local president.
Compact Contract:

Urgent and Imperative Leave


Teachers shall be entitled to temporary Leave of Absence with full pay for a maximum of three (3) days in any school year for urgent or imperative responsibilities. Responsibilities shall be defined as a victim of fire or flood or other natural disaster, or such others as may be approved by the Regional Executive Director or designate. The leave shall be for the purpose of addressing the urgent or imperative matter. The teacher responsible shall return to work once the matter is under control.