Short Snappers

Teacher Wellness
Have a great way to relax during school? Do you have a “Wellness hack” that gets you through your day? If so, send your wellness strategy along to and be entered in a draw to win a prize.
Halifax County Inspire Awards
Do you have someone in your building who is a mentor and a guide? Does a teacher you know deserve some recognition? If so, send their name, school, and a brief 150 word write up to and enter them into the running to receive an Inspire award. Winners will receive a visit from the local President (with accompanying treats!) and a write up about them in the Chronicle Herald.

New Member Conference

Are you interested in attending the Halifax County Local New Member Conference both Friday Feb 21 6pm – 10pm and Sat Feb 22 9am – noon? If so, click on this link! We have space for 75 members to attend, and a number of rooms for those who care to stay overnight – priority given to those who live outside HRM, but feel free to apply with preferred roommate in case there are some available. We will be in touch to confirm your application prior to the conference. It is VERY important that you contact Crystal Isert if your plans change and you are unable to attend –  

Compact Contract:

23.01 (ii) The parties acknowledge that a positive and inclusive school climate where acts of unacceptable behavior are addressed pursuant to the Provincial School Code of Conduct Policy is essential to educational achievement and a positive school climate. The parties will act in an expeditious and appropriate manner in dealing with acts of unacceptable
behavior in accordance with the Provincial School Code of Conduct.

23.02 The parties recognize the responsibility of teachers and school administrators to maintain a positive and inclusive school climate in their schools.

23.03 When a teacher believes that a student(s)’ reported unacceptable behavior has not been resolved by the school administration, the teacher may bring the concern to the school administration’s attention within ten (10) working days of the unacceptable behavior for resolution. The school
administration shall respond to the teacher’s concern within ten (10) working days.

23.04 When a concern regarding a student(s)’ unacceptable behavior is unresolved at the school level, a teacher(s), accompanied by the President of the Local if so desired shall have the right to address the issue with the appropriate School Administration Supervisor within ten (10) working days of receiving a response from the school administration in 23.03. The School Administration Supervisor shall respond to the teacher within ten (10) working days.

President’s notes: This is only a partial piece of the article. If you have any questions, please contact your local president.