Check-In, Monday, February 3rd

Well, we finally made it through January! (Was it just me, or did this one seem inordinately long?)

As high school teachers welcome students into their 2nd semester classes and everyone else is “In the groove” as it were, I am getting a few questions about PLCs, and about Running Records.

I have tried to be very clear about running records, to such a large extent that I am feeling a bit like a broken record myself. I will state again that there is no situation under which your admin team can insist you do running records with your students without providing you coverage. Yes, running records are best practice, but they are best practice when teachers can work with students individually without having to supervise other students. Again, this is not some “union thing”. The province agreed that this is how running records should be done. If you are hearing anything else, please let me know.

When it comes to PLCs, that particular playing field has changed a bit since we have seen everyone reduced to their minimum prep time. It should be remembered that there are a few key elements that make PLCs effective. Ideally, teachers would be able to choose who they worked with and what to focus on, but we know this is not always the reality of all schools. Quite often, we are hearing stories of teachers being assigned PLC groups and being told to focus on the schools improvement goals.

Regardless of the relative effectiveness of either model, in both cases you can be asked to produce some record of having met. What that looks like will vary from school to school, but if you are being asked to complete a specific record, that recording should be able to be completed during your PLC time. 

As always, drop me a line if you have any school specific questions.

I have also been getting a few questions about our Halifax County Student Bursary, as teachers are starting to get their little ones to head off to University. That application process usually opens up late spring, so look for it around the end of April.

As well, don’t forget that everyone is welcome to join us at the Porter’s Lake Pub next Wednesday evening between 5:00 pm and 7:30 pm. There will be some complimentary treats and great conversation. Thanks to our awesome social wellness committee for arranging this!

Finally there is still time to recognize an awesome sub in your building! Simply fill out this form and they will be entered into a random prize draw compliments of Halifax County! Contest closes February 7th.

That’s all for this week, County. Hope February starts off well!







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