Check-In, Tuesday, March 17th

Good morning County! Happy Tuesday!

Apologies for not publishing yesterday, but things got a bit busy there for awhile. I did manage to send along a few informational e-mails to the reps, and would ask that if it is possible, they get sent along.

The largest number of questions that I am getting right now are coming from substitutes teachers and long term subs. Yesterday, two emails were sent out, one from HRCE and one from NSTU clarifying how that all will work. As mentioned in that correspondence, they are still sorting through how day-to-day subs will be handled, but everyone is working to find solutions at the moment.

Please check your email for more information on how you can possibly support substitutes teachers during this difficult time.

I have also received a number of questions from individuals who happen to be accessing leave at the moment, and how that will be impacted. If you are one of those teachers, know that I am working on sorting those out on a case by case basis and will get back to you.  

I will continue to monitor my e-mail and, as always, have my phone nearby, but am not returning to the office in Burnside for the time being. In light of yesterday’s announcement of closure of Joseph Howe, it seems best to follow the lead of NSTU staff and work from home.

It obviously goes without saying that these are unprecedented times. Monitor your e-mail, hunker down with your family, and wash your hands.

That’s it for this week County. Stay well!



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