Check-In, Monday, November 5th

Hello County! Happy Monday!

I would like to start off today with a great big “Thanks” to all the reps who attended our annual training session at Oak Island this past weekend. We had some very engaged members give up their weekend to attend sessions on Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday morning, and many took the opportunity to network with reps from other sites. The sessions this year focused on everything from charter schools to a Q & A session with our Provincial Executive. Read more

Check- In, Monday, October 29th

Good morning County, Happy Monday.

Today marks a very important day. Today, in partnership with Dartmouth and Halifax City, we are officially launching the Guarding Minds at Work Survey.

Over the past few years, mental health practitioners have become increasingly aware of the impact of the work place environment on the workers. Stresses of the job, not enough time, managing demands all place a tremendous burden on people in the work-force. If left unchecked, this can lead to people having to take extended time off work. In fact, by some accounts, mental health problems are the fastest rising cause for both short and long term disabilities in our country. Read more

By-Election for 1st Vice-President of Halifax County Local

By-election for First Vice-president of Halifax County Local

The role of first vice-president is an important one; especially during negotiations with the HRCE, as they are a part of the Regional Bargaining Committee.

We are seeking nominations for this position effective immediately.  The term of office will be until July 31, 2019.

Attached you will find a description of the role, along with a Candidate Information Form.  The deadline for your expression of interest is Wednesday, November 7, 2018. The election will held at the next General Meeting (Wednesday, November 14, 2018) after the candidates have had the opportunity to address the NSTU representatives and general members in attendance. 2018 First VP by-election Read more

Check-In, Monday, October 22nd

Good morning County! Happy Monday!

I would like to start off with an official “Congratulations!” to Paul Boudreau for being elected as our Provincial Executive representative last Wednesday evening. As well, thanks to Drew Fournier for putting his name forward. Our organization thrives on democracy, and I am of the mind that having more than one candidate throwing their hat into the ring for a position speaks well of the overall engagement of our membership. Read more